Om nom nom X3
Name:That perso over there! *points*
Age:16 years
Quote:"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone's a beholder , and everyone is watching like this : O.O - craig benzie"
Signed:30.12.2010 13:52
Logged:20.09.2011 19:03
Interests:Drawing , Music ( I play piano , guitar and others but not so well XD ) , animals & Weirdness
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Tamzin Redesign
I wanted to totally remake Tamzin Im not sure if i will keep it though :D line art by aerosocks
my OC 100% on sumo paint
WIP robot wolf thing
I used some line art from starvampiress13 on DA Link:
Tamzin by wolfpup166
This is my Oc Tamzin Thank you Wolfpup166 for drawing this for me (im so grateful ^.^)
Name: Fushia Gender: female Carrier of: Fresh sents Personality : quite a bubbly character ( it goes with the bubb...
Rocky Likes strawberry's :D
He does ..... honest :P Drawn on iscribble ( user bluepig98)
Redrawing my blob :D
i found this guy from a collab i did in easter last year....... i felt like i wanted to see if i could draw him again a...
Loxi and Tamzin
my friends and my Oc's :D loxi and tamzin XD
:D I just felt in a drawing mood , but i still cant find my tablet pen so i drew treble in a chubby form , she's no...
My drawing of light and the shini-gami ^_^
just got death note today :) only just finished the 2nd chapter ... I decided not to read it all in one day so I drew th...
Rocky the girl
Yea ... I know I have a Rabbit called rocky but .... :P Drawn on iscribble
Trying to learn how to draw fire e___O me * slowly falls to ground *
Just a doodle on Paint :) I wanted to make a new character but my brain has been eaten so....
WIP ¬_¬ i really cant draw eyes or fur so i thought i would practice them both by doing a close up of an eye .....
New char
She has no name...... Done at school with a crappy school mouse
Yea i know he sorta looks like an oompa lumpa but i don't really draw guys , this was my first time drawing a guy w...
Heh..... his markings look like a butler sorta ( white gloves monacle and the white stripe down his front reminds me of ...
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