hey hey hey gues wut..............TURKLINGS!!
Age:16 years
Quote:"a meter is like a yard which is like a foot but bigger"
Signed:22.12.2010 17:20
Logged:03.12.2011 23:34
Interests:wolves, dogs, warriors, magna, that stuff
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Ashfur's Hatred
Ahfur's anger is about to break out. Hawkfrost is watching as Ashfur gets angrier and angrier.
Scourge's Vengence
No description
Chibi wolf
Make yer own ENJOY
Chibi Razor
I colored a pic of chibi Razor XD!!! ISN'T HE CUTE!! ENJOY
Bloodspill is swiftkill's sister and a loyal warrior of the blackbloods.
Wolf Eyes
Credit to the much talented Rocca
Scratch reveiles his discovery
"Father I have come back with valuable news for you." Scratch said. "What is it son?" Jagged said. ...
If you see a random person and you have a pack of Skittles chuck it at them and say...."TASTE THE FRICKEN RAINBOW S...
Theo is the runt and youngest of all Rambo's pups. He's fast and agile with his small size.
Scourge's loss
This is a pic of after Tiny got beat up by Tigerpaw.
This is for you ppls tht want to make yer own pack!! ENJOY x3
Pleading for mercy
This is when Ruby and Socks come begging for mercy to Scourge. WHICH THEY BETTER HA!
This is for my pal Hawkfrost. In the backround is Tigerstar. ENJOY!!! :D
This is a better pic of Razor. He has claw gloves, small ninja stars that can expand, and mad sword skills. I colored...
This is my friend's missing fat cat who loved food and catmint and string.
Rambo's Journey
Just to say Hawkfrost did this but i want to try it. Rambo was burning through his pelt from the heat of the scorching ...
Feathertail's eye
I drew feathertail's eye. Rate and comment plz
Chibi Luna
Same as Chibi Razor and Tarera but still SO CUTE!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD
Chibi Tarera
This is the same pic as the Razor one. LOOK HE'S CHIBI!!!! XD
Daredevil Icymaster
Daredevil Icymaster an amazing Riverpack warrior
Welcome to the Dark Forest Young Warrior
"Hello dark warrior my name is Tigerstar. If you have ended up here after you died you chose the dark path of life...
This is Aui the lion cub.
Bluestar's kit
This is when Bluestar gave up her kits to Oakheart.
Carbo is the youngest of Rambo's first litter, he is very agile and smart. He can see for ten more miles than an av...
Daisy is Rambo's third pup in the second litter. Daisy is Rambo's oldest daughter and has an odd connection wi...
Kagome is Rambo's fourth pup from his second litter. Kagome is the apprentice medicine wolf and remembered every he...
Graystripe is staring at Feathertail (top) and Silverstream (bottom) he missies them very much.
The Prophecy
The three grandkids of Firestar who will fufill Cloudstar's prophecy.
Rocky is Rambo's third son, since Rocky is blind he has a very strong sense of feel, but it's also stronger th...
Shadow is Rambo's second son from his second litter. Don't let this strong, burly, and muscular figure scare y...
Lionpaw's Training
When Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are training Lionpaw
Fireheart misses Spottedleaf
Fireheart really misses Spottedleaf after she dies
Blaze is Rambo's fourth son, he has a stronger sense of smell then any other wolf.
Rambo is the second known leader of Skyclan after the first leader Zues died for unknown reasons.
Hollypaw" confession
This is when Hollpaw tells Leafpool that she doesn't want to be a medicine cat.
The Meeting
" Let's all thank Starpack for us finding a new home." said Rambo. He lifted his head to howl and before...
The New Arrivals
"Waht do you plan on naming them?" said Fawn, another nursing queen. "Yeah mom what will you name them?&q...
Magical Icypaw
Magical Icypaw is Daredevil's sister, and is very good at hunting for Riverpack.
The Midnight Attack
As Blade sat on Leader'srock on guard for the camp he smelled a much too familar scent. "COYOTE! COYOTE!"...
Blade's memoreies
As Blade sat next to his old mentor's body he remembered a simpler time. It was a sunny day, Ripper and Blade were...
Infernopack's watch
"Those wretched fools for taking our camp." Flame said. "Silence Flame we're going to greet them ni...
The Meeting
Hawk trudged into Skypack's camp. Flame had went hunting by himself and was cought by a patrol. He didn't kn...
Daisy's Bad night
Rat! Daisy spat as she missed a deer. She walked back to the camp to see a muscular black male with flames on his pelt....
Flames guilt
Flame watched the bushes the next day as Daisy cryed. Then Bird cougth his eye and gave him a furious glare. Flame the...
The Rescue
Daisy walked along the river bank trying to find a nice spot to fish. She wanted to get a little treat for the pups in ...
Flames confession
When Daisy grabbes his paw he lifted up and grabbed her by the scruff and dragging her onto the bank of the river. She ...
Bird's Encouragement
It had been a couple of moons later since Flame told Daisy he loved her. I lot had changed since that day. Infernopack...
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