Lady Jazzz
Residence:Some place..Some where . . .
Quote:""If you try to fail and succeed, then which have you done...?""
Signed:19.12.2010 13:33
Logged:10.05.2012 21:27
Interests:Reading... eating... listening to music... .trying new things... .cooking... texting... can't think of anything else...
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I drew it on paper from the internet then simply placed it on a pretty background, and took a pic of it. Once taking a p...
Mickey Mouse
This is my drawing of Mickey Mouse. Not bad, eh?
Jazzz & Lynxlover
This is a image a drew for Me (Jazzz) and Lynxlover. I drew the kitten and puppy using the step by step guide on dragoar...
Rainbow colours
These is just a random use of colours being smudged out.
Sponge Bob
Well i drew him once again using guide Feel free to add some colour to him or do whatever, just have fun wi...
I think its a beach, or a seaside, or a ocean.....whichever!
Sketched Girl
Not bad..I drew on paper after following a step by step guide in how to draw her! If you don't believe me just go o...
Pink Ahoy!
For you pink lovers our there! well ehre u go
Purple Jazzz
Jazzz = PuRpLe...
My first Pic made on this sumopaint account! hope you like ittt!!! =)
Bright and Bubbly
Hey! I wanted to mix see what you get when you miz a bubble with a flower...tried it's the outcome!
Spotlight Star
The Message says it need for description.
5 W's
Felt like being random and just felt like doing the 5 W's so I tried different ways of doing it but then i just set...
Come a little closer..
Come closer then!
Blue stars
Blue stars! Who doesn't luv 'em, eh?
Blue World
I made a loads of whirls using symmetry then used only 1 filter but changed bits round and got this. =) Looks a bit st...
Different Use of Brushes
In this design I used a range of different brushes which shows up well agaist the deep, dark purple.
The message is clear..Love is often just a star away..
Red Planet
The only planet which is red I think... ??
Whirl of Colours
I made this by making a simple doodle using symmetry and then I tried out different filters and the result was above ! H...
Baby Panda
This is piece 'Baby Panda' I drew using a guide from Just to let everyone know, you can edit it ...
What do u get when u do a range of different coloured bubbleS? LOOOK ABOVE!
Scattered Colours
I used a filter to do this piece. I simply did a load of random coloured rectangles then experimented with a range of di...
Purple horror
not dun yet..its not really horror..not sure what else i could do to it...?
Smile to everything - Remix
This is a remix :)
This is a fairy as you can see. I drew her using ! Believe it or not her wings were actually hardest to dr...
Brushes Ahoy!
Just felt like using different =D
random patterns!
All round Stars...
Different coloursed stars going round in a circle!
My attempt of 3D... its meant to be like a "Bird's eye view"
Oops..looks like some dropped paint..harharr
Beautiful Nature
Whats more beautiful in this world than Nature?
Pink Swirls
Who doesn't love Pink swirls?
Kinda the first sorta alrite-ish head I made on ghere...weird background but..ohhh well. =)
Apple- Give it a face !
Please remix this! and give the apple a face !! x
Puppy and Kitten
This is a kitten and puppy i drew then uploaded! Hope you like it!!
Rainbow Jazzz
tried something new.
This is a piece that I done using only 2 different brushes. It was quite easy to do as you can see because it is basic.
Reflected Spiral
Not to sure what it is, I was just playing around with all the filters and this is the result ! You can remix it cos i k...
Rainbow Stars
I used 2 layers for this image. It was quite simple and I only used 1 brush but in a range of different sizes !
Katy Perry
This is a remix of Kekku's Katy Perry Image.
Creepy women
Remix ! =)
Sunlight is bright
This is a Remix .
Beach time!
This is a remix ! =)
Pink Girl
This is a remix =)
Goth Fairy
This is a Goth Fairy i drew using ! She was actually fairly easy to draw ! Hope you like it everyone &...
The Force
I didn't use Wave Lab for this like I did with my previous 2 images. I used 4-5 different filters to create this pi...
Cat warrior
Remix :D
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