As for me and my tablet, we will serve the Lord.
Name:Call me Arias or Iref.
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:somewhere over the rainbow
Quote:"I have gone to find myself, if I come back, before I return, please keep me here. "
Signed:04.12.2010 20:50
Logged:18.05.2012 00:26
Interests:writing drawing, reading, hanging out with friends, going to DESPERATION!
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The Final Goodbye.
The morning light streamed through the holes in the rock den, but gave no warmth against the coming winter. Stream shiv...
Storm, Lifehouse.jpg
For a contest! And this took about five hours to draw, It was fun, I gotta admit, but it was trickyl. Used about 23 laye...
You and me
I really struggled drawing this. It was long and frusterating, and I thought I would explode. (I didn't explode, in...
For Claygate's contest! I kind of made him in my own style... Link to contest :
A picture for an awesome friend. This is her character for a game we play. Took about... and hour..? I don't know....
Long over due for Silverraccoon. This is my part of the art trade, and I hope I got German's colour and anotomy cor...
More like epic fail
For Inkfeather's contest. Sorry its a little late. D:
Dragon of the Dark
Ugh, this was a pain to draw. It took about three hours and 18 layers. but I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned ...
I am very dissapointed in this image. First all it sucks and looks nothing like I want it to. Anyway, I'll redraw...
Quarter Cat.
This was done thanks to 5 pencil! YAY! I shall start watching all their tutorials soon!
We are the Pirates.
who don't do anything. We just stay home, and lie around, and if you ask us, to do anything! We'll just tell y...
For a contest. Took about... 40 minutes to draw, and has 6 layers.
This is for an art trade with Orifiel. I must say, she was very fun to draw.
This is Merlin, a cat that acompanies Rex on his travels. And I must say, I love how this turned out. Speedpaint: h...
Happy Birtday.
This is for my english teacher! Happy Birtday! Anyway, took about three hours and 20 layers. Turned out ok, not as good...
Madara Uchia?
Hmm... what's 'Madara's' *cough cough* new mask colour gonna be anyway? Looks like we won't kno...
The Days are Darkening
For a friend at school. Took about an hour and a half, and I used about 12-14 layers.
A while ago I created Rex, a loveable canine that is... cute.. I guess. Anywho it took about a half hour to draw him...
Raio - Guardian of the Seven
This will be for a comic I am making. Feel free to make a new backround, but DON'T TAKE AWAY THE SIGNATURE! ! ! D:...
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