Goddammit, Sumopaint. Just... god f-ing dammit.
Residence:The Rabbit Hole
Age:16 years
Quote:"Sorry, I can't do anything with you tonight. My ass has a date with my computer chair."
Signed:22.11.2010 22:54
Logged:27.05.2012 21:07
Interests:Aliens, anything incredibly sexy, horror films, swearing, perverted jokes, Immaturity, Anything fricking adorable. Oh, and making other's days. :3 And that face.
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First picture up loaded onto Sumo. This is Irma, OC of mine.
Mmkay, so this is Tetra from The Legend of Zelda- Wind Waker. One of the best little videogames ever. This is a... I...
This is just a little metaphore (sp?) of a roll play I'm in. i think it turned out pretty well.. Not my favorite th...
YES! I FINALLY HAVE IT! My new OC, Jude. I love her so much. This is her refrence sheet, yay! Name: Jude Age:...
I ... I don't know. I was bored... Nothing to do on this wonderful Friday.
Finger Paint
I had fun with this one! I created it with fadded hand brush. Oh, and many different colors. Open in full veiw ;D lo...
INTRODUCING. *drum roll* MY FURSONA! ^_^ Her name is Kimono, and she is a Kimodo dragon. Every one says she looks like ...
My Oc Desdemona.
You got a lot to learn
Well... these are to of my charaters in a gang roleplay... Kimodo, the taller one, is used to always being the cute, pun...
Fatcat's Meme
Yeah, I did this from pure boredom... Well, I'm going to watch Lord Of the Rings, haha.
Fionzacian Reference
Alrighty... After a few days of working on this for five minutes, then getting pissed and quitting, then coming back to ...
Yeah, so I'm like... super duper pooper scooper proud about this one. FULL VIEW. Just a few quick things about Kae...
Helena Boham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange
I drew this last night at 12 something. It took an hour and ten minutes to complete and uhh... my scanner is a piece of ...
Drake Jacobus
Well, I'm writing a book with my friend, and Jacobus is one of the characters. Not very... "happy" with t...
Your Heart Is Real
Yeah, yeah, yeah; the heart is in the wrong place. Suck it up, I did this at one in the morning (like that's an ex...
Another Book, Granger?
-What's this? Another book, Granger? -Not funny, Malfoy. Give it back. -What happened to the book you were readin...
The Fazz
New dA I.D I drew. I think it turned out pretty well. The anatomy's off, which is something I have to work on. CB B...
Okay, this is an old pic. But anyways, ABOUT the pic: This is Raven, a character I created for a story I'm writting...
Ahhh... Friends
this is my fail at a chibi drawing. OwO anyways, the little squirrel girl on your left is Me. The one on ur right, is my...
I'm Not Insane
My main character from my story "Torment". I hope I can post it up sometime...
This would be my OC Kimodo. This isn't KimoNA, my fursona, but Kimodo is based off of her. Kimodo is pretty much t...
Blue Hue
Uhh.... three minute doodle. Yeah.
OKay, so I was going to take this seriously... then my mom told me I had fifteen minutes before she kicked me off the co...
Hollis Kent
Just a character I created, hope you like. X3
Mal Diosa- Evil Godess
Alright, so this is an OC of mine. Her name is Janette, but she goes by Mal Diosa- which is Evil Godess in spanish. I�...
My beautiful Persona, Kimona. Also known as Hollis. She has too many darn names.
Just... an OC, I guess... *shrug*
Talila Lorna
wtfitdidn'tloadlasttimefuuuuuuu~ Arg... I don't wanna type it up all again, so I'll make it simple. Th...
This. Took. So. Flipping. Long! You know, I wanted this picture to be good, because I knew I'd probably wouldn...
Kimona Stutman Reference Sheet
First off, I'm pretty proud at how this turned out. I mean, the bangs and how well I could take her from my...
Trixta and Phycic
.... yeah, OCs of mine... Trixta (tricks-TAH) and Phyci (FEE-cee). SOrry its so crappy. I didn't outline it in pen,...
mwahahahahahaha! I like this pic. O w O I GET TO GET A TABLET! I'll be able to fix up all my art on here! ^^
Finger Love
I was bored. End of story.
Fazz's handwritting Meme
I was a bored moron. And my hand still cramps.... Enjoy letting me waste your time. Origional:
I've Found the Flightless Bird
"Have I found you Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, American mouth" - Flightless Bird, Americ...
Kurt Hummel
Made for fun and sheer boredom. Yes, it is in fact, Kurt Hummel from Glee. I am sadly a sucker for Klaine, and I am not ...
The Book Thief
****PLEASE OPEN IN FULL VIEW**** So, two weeks ago I finished reading The Book Thief by Markuz Zusak. I'm ju...
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