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Name:Nalia Jones~
Residence:New York's sewer system
Age:113 years
Quote:"Forgiveness is divine, but NEVER pay full price for late pizza!"
Signed:19.11.2010 23:31
Logged:25.04.2012 04:13
Interests:TMNT, food, drawing, writing novels, TMNT, pizza, cereal, TMNT, skateboards, art, New York, martial arts, weapons, TMNT, TMNT, sleeping, food, TMNT, Japanese stuff, drawing TMNT, TMNT~
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from the anime-slash-manga Shugo Charaaaa... Shugo Chara/Ran (C) Peach-Pit
f l a n f o r m i s h a ~
Kekeke, done in about 30-40 minutes on MS Paint! I shall name him Jeremy and make him my Sweetie Foodie OC < 3 Tell m...
Ahaa, my new Anthro OC < 3 Her name's Violet, she's an okapi (: I love her so much > U > Violet (C) ...
Old picture of an OC of mine...
They're all taken! :'D
Thanks to is the picture (by her!) that I used for a ref I am so proud...
I know, I know...cliche moment!!! Cherry BFFs... I still like it though! Inspiration (C) ilovechibi123 Art (C) Me
Lucy Rose
An OC from a book my friend and I are writing..
Here's mah eggie adoptables < 3 There's a theme to these guys: Mythical Creatures > U > I rushed the ...
Nalia Ref > / / / <
Here's a picture of silly me, just so you know what I look like.. That sounded weird but okay :D I normally wear la...
Looking Back
It's my TMNT OC, Kameko!! Yay, I love her so much < 3 I dunno what she's doing, but it's obviously...
Haha, yep I'm a fan of the TT :D Drawn by me, on MS Paint, with a touchpad in about 15 minutes~
He's Gonna Getcha...
Hee Raphy < 3 Done in 15 minutes on MS paint with a touchpad~
Kami Ref
FINALLY :3 Here's my lovely TMNT character I've been saying I'd post since like, September or something &...
My OC, Vanilla
My persona, Lucy, enjoying a little snack(:
I...I've been infected with Mylittleponitis... I watched like, one episode and I was hooke =w= So here's Apple...
Heroes in a Half-Shell~
Ughhhh this took forever @ _ @ I'm very happy with the results though, so whatever~! (: I know that Leo's kata...
Hijime Ref Sheet
My character for Themangaartist's KELOPIA RP~ It's closed to newcomers now, but you're welcome to read it...
BAHHHHHHH THIS TOOK FOREVER TO GET DONE. I'm so sorry Winter >n>'' It's up now though! And yea...
Advice Pony :D
All right, here's one of my many Pony OCs (: She's an advice giver, mainly relationship and family trouble...
romance meme
awwww, i lurv the background *A* hehe, please enjoy and tell me if you remix~ ^^
Ugh, I'm finally uploading old sketches... :D This is Vanilla, my OC (Vanilla (C) Me)
Colored Sketch Dump~
Hehe, I like it C: My personal fave is Mikey down in the corner, grinning for all he's worth(: A close second tho...
Stew Fanart :D
Fanart of Mimzie's adorable character Stew ^^ Took about 45 minutes...
My adorable doe :D (pronounce her name like 'shoe,' but with more of a 'ch' sound~) Her head is all ...
Seeing Eye
Pony OC number 1!! Her name is Seeing Eye, which is ironic because she's blind... Her cutie mark (not shown) is a b...
Request for CinqoBlink179 on dA~ It's her OC, D301.
The Punkin' King <3 Just a doodle to go with that amazing cover < 3 Wahhh, TNMBC...
Sparkledoggie :3
Heh. Here's my half of an art trade with Floweriet. It's her OC, Skylark... (: You can see that hers (http://w...
Ninjas now come in Orange
And they're EPIC :D Why, why WHY do I love this picture so much??? LOL Mikey (C) Viacom/Nick Edit: I changed the...
Neva A Rose
A new char for a novel I'm writin' with my bro~
My mutt! xD Personally I think he looks like a young Harry Potter with light hair, but oh well ^^ Mutt species (C) Buyak...
Adoptables 2.0
New adoptables~! They're all cats, though that can be negotiated for numbers 1-4. Original designs (C) Me~
New OC! She has a brother named Kai.. And yeah, she's a lemur :D
Snow test
Yay, it worked! I used this immensely helpful tutorial:
Really. Sad. Fan art.
Yeah. Sad. Seeing as I didn't take much time on this, it looks stupid. Oh well. ILOVEEEE MY TURTLESSSS :D < 3
MIKE!!! 8D
Cropped from my sketch dump~ It's actually my favorite drawing in my sketchbook CB
Mah Buddeh
It's one of my besties from school ^^
New OC :D Lineart is from a wonderful DA user named *therougecat.. Many thanks to them!! < 3 Coloring/Background/ch...
Mike (SketchFu)
A crappy TMNT pic drawn on SketchFu :P
2K3 Style Raph
Haha, I love the 2k3 style but I'm UBER excited for the CGI series coming up next fall :D I erased the legs on this...
All right people, grading goes as such: A - All requirements are met, art is very well done and original (10 favourite...
<i>Mutant loves her Weighted Companion Cube ^^</i> My God, I've finally uploaded a picture of my dar...
Across the Galaxy
Just messing with Flame :3
Watchin' the TMNT movie from the 90's... :D It's amazing, LOL
Anime practice (:
Made on MS Paint with a trackpad. Time elapse: About 30-40 minutes, with breaks chatting on FaceBook in between! :D
Raphie boy as a WOLF
I imagine he'd look summat like this... sunno how he's gonna use dem sais tho xD Pshhh, just messin' with...
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