I have a new account im going 2 start using more often than my Hawkfrost account my user is SARFANGS126
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Quote:"extreme measures are necessary to change the world"
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welcome to starclan, young warrior
this is wat i think it looks like in starclan :D
the 4 wolves that rule the path of spirits
lightning wolf-kodzai fire wolf-rinzai earth wolf-carniuo water wolf-miqzirai
Tarera in anime (remake)
ok this is tarera, GUN PRO! XD
Funny wolf lineart
feel free 2 use it!!!! use it... O-O
No description
i just felt like drawing spottedleaf
Hawkfrost's death
You you think i did this alone....and your protected by your clanmates...........THINK AGAIN....!
tarera & rentrid
Tarera is 1 of those guys who like ALOT of gurls so it's kinda weird
outline by the awesome fireflight X3
shattred hearts
this is a pic showing tarera resting his head on luna's back to comfort her cuase he cannot be with her anymore GAW...
i shoudn't see you...
Tarera pricked his ears as he scented luna coming towards the border. "there you are i almost thought you wern...
Battle of Moonshadow (re-make)
remake of the battle of moonshadow
Razor Vs Tarera
D:I aug i FINNALY finished this, took me a while but it was worth it -W- as u can see im not a pro at shading, i uploade...
black-yin white-yang =]
3 sons
"How was your training today,Decius?" "ok,i learned a new move" "cool what is it?" decius ...
the new leader of the night wolves
"TARERA TARERA!!" the night wolves yowled, Tarera stepped down from the moon rock and walked down the path sea...
all i see...
i was bored XD
first 2 pups
luna's first litter of pups the silver she-pup is vayu and the one that looks similar to tarera (the father) is cet...
in memory of todd
my friend's beloved fat cat who is missing
seized by darkness
furimuita sono ushiro no (shoumen daare) kurayami ni tsume wo tatete (yoru wo hikisaita) amadare wa chi no shizuku no ...
No description
Tarera X Luna
:3 a cute pic i uploaded from deviantart
Dark League
Leader: Bloodshot/ Soul Eater Captain: Tarera/ Hell watcher Knight #1: Sekai/ Dawn theif Knight #2: Criptin/ Storm r...
o 3 o Mine...
boredom took ovr me... -_- this waz originally done by, Starlight16
o yea best yet!
angel ragweed
he died peacefully he r going to burry him in a shoe box.... good ragweed
scourge was here ^_^
you see what happens to cats who try to defey bloodclan ur"friend" here try to control us... he was wrong........
he never rlly got a chance 2 meet his newborn son cause he was killed by a bear, so thts pretty sad....=(
a warrior cat created by Tigershadow =D
the death of decius
Tarera felt decius's pelt brush his as headed towards the den entrance. He opened his eyes, they were burning l...
Tarera's excile
Tarera woke with the pack surrounding him. He quickly sat up, tasting the tang of blood in his mouth,"tarera" ...
wats shakin babe?
wolf 1-why the h is he makin romantic eyes at my sister?! wolf 2- holy crap!!! she-wolf-WTF??
Thistleclaw steals Bluefur's cookie
haha this is probably how 1 gray hair started 2 sprout on Bluestar's muzzle, o_o her cookies keep dissapearing
Bluestar's prophecy
No description
Last kiss
Red-Nazra Blue-Rokan
Creature's lawyer
poor creature got george 4 his laywer, so now creature spends his life in rehab with other rejects
Tarera's death
"this is...what it was...? being able to rule many wolves and getting so far....then falling in the end...every dro...
cetus and vayu
son and daughter of Luna and Tarera
luna's younger pups
No description
broken promises
No description
what woud you do...?
what would you do, luna if i left to join the forest of no stars and land of darkness; never to return? would your forge...
chibi tarera
<:3 awww isn't he the cutest thing X3 idk i put a floating popcycle
squish squish POKE!!
this image shows razorfeather (a wolf bteamer made up) poking tarera 2 his pleasure XD
Tarera's goodbye
No description
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