I'm sorry guys... but I'm leaving for a really long time. Not because of any of you.... I may be on again.... but not for a VERY LONG time... I wish you all well... thanks for the support and kindness it's been loved and appriciated. Love ~ Fiction
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Quote:"Somtimes you have to work hard for the things you want, and somtimes somone has to work hard to give them to you."
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My Love Is The Ocean
Oh, My, GOSH! This took forever but I'm stunned at how it turned out! I hope you all like! ^-^
Blue Dragon
W-O-A-H! About 4 - 5 hours of hard work finally paid off. This image has to be my best yet and I'm very proud of it...
Wolves at Moonlight
I am so proud of tis and am currently patting myself on the back. Now THIS is the BEST wolf pic I have ever done! ^o^
Rune Wolves
My two Rune Wolves adopted from Nightmareheavenadopt on DA. The one on the left is Nightglow and her evil boyfriend on t...
Luna Moth
Yep, This took a good five hours. But I'm very pleased! ^o^ HE'S A GUYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
A Dragon's Dream
The most amazeing picture I've ever done!!! I'm so proud of EVERYTHING about this pic!!! Art belongs to Me...
No description
My Outsider OC Jev a.k.a. Puppy.
Wisdom Of A Wolf
The BEST wolf pic I think I've ever done! XD I used a ref.
Name: Sparky Gender: Male Element: Electricity Species: Tanuki Adopted from: Orifiel My first adoptable! ^o^ Ya...
Moon Posing
My Fursona Moon doing a pose. ^-^
Ice Wolf
No description
Allyway Wolf
Missme's OC Shiro! :D The background's not mine!
Boomer - Ref
Name: Boomer Age: 5 Gender: Male Breed: Chihuahua Mix Ability: Super Bark Side-effect trait(?): Can't Hear W...
Virusghost18's OC Blackout. This is fanart! I don't own the character Blackout!
Gothic Fairy
I just love drawing faries!!!!!! XD The first time I've truely used textures and am overjoyed in how this came o...
Weaver & Blackout
Yesssssss! I finally finished it! Yay! I don't know about everyone else, but I love this pic! XD My OC Weaver (wer...
Death and the Pale Horse
When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come and see!" I l...
Red Kite Dragon
AND YET ANOTHER!!!! :D Kite Dragon (C) to Me!
Mutant Toys
All my lovely Heroes from my story, Mutant Toys. Teddy, Stitches, Chrissie, Mopsy, and Howl. ^^
Full Moon Wolf
Weaver in his werewolf form! <3
Moonlit Wings
My OC Jeremiah from my story Oddball. (Yes, he's an angel.)
Frizzy's OC Endel or Sunshine. Also known as Butterflyguy. This is fan art for Frizzy, so I do not own Endel. ...
Steampunk Woman
Oh, gosh! Steampunk is HARD!!!!!!! This took a whole day and I didn't even SHADE it! Gah! For Virusghost18 and Ry...
Fairy Dragon
Some fan art for Jessica Peffer (Neondragon). Her dragon species, Fairy Dragon. These little guys have to be one of my f...
The Sumo Artists that voted on my poll had vampire as there favorite. So here is the winning pic. I shall name hi...
My Outsider OC Moon.
Bird Man
Done as a request from a friend. Art (C) to Me!
Kesha & Lara
Merry Christmas to Silverfur122. There OCs Kesha and Lara.
To charm the mom, you must charm her kids! XD Okay it just so happens Stripes can Charm fire-breathing dragons too, and...
Graphic Novel Tryout 3
Oh, yes!!! :D This one is lovely as well, but turned out a little too much like manga, :P But I still like it! :D Re...
Weaver - Pose
Just working with poses, and who a better subject than Weaver? >u> My OC Weaver.
Wind In Your Hair
My OC Villa. :3 An older drawing, but I still LOVE it!!!
White Rose
A pic I did for Manga Studio. ^^ Just wanted to work on different styles as well as my coloring and shadeing.
Wolf's Cry
Just practicing with wolves. :3
Character Portfolio for my OC Cloud. Very proud of shadeing. :D
I Walk Alone
Done for my favorite song EVER! I love it! And if fits Weaver so much! X3 Weaver belongs to me! Lyrics are from Gre...
Little Kitty
My OC Stitches in his stuffed animal form. ^^ I wanted to do somthing digital and with Cel Shading. Soooo.... I did this...
Woop, woop! My Adorable Mutant Toy, Howl. ^w^
Look Into My Eyes
Howl in one of his creepier moments... Yeah. He can paralize people, that's one of his unique abilities. I just can...
Riding on the Moon
A Picture done by me and my friend Randomdice. ^^ It's awesome!
Circus Freaks
Weaver and Crusoe at the ol' Circus. :P It's been WAY too long since I drew them, and they look really creepy...
My Fairy OC Darce. Mainly just working with shadeing on this one. :3
Eh, a random Cltanon/Outsider I drew because I was bored. X3 Chez & Cltanon & Outsiders (C) To Me!
Weaver - New Clothing
X3 Yeah... He's so sexy! XD Yeah, just playing around with cloths. Here's an outfit he changes to in my book s...
Blue Dapplehorned Dragon
A dragon species I created. ^w^ Don't steal and nobody gets hurt! Dapplehorned Dragons (C) to Me!
My OC mutant, Crusoe. From my story, The Eeks. Name: Crusoe Gender: Male Mother: N/A Father: N/A Master: Trix ...
A request from Roxyheadphones, there OC Rory. Rory belongs to Roxyheadphones.
Captain's Daughter
Yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! I FINALLY was able to upload the shaded version!!!!!! :D My OC Melody. Crusoe's gir...
Full Moon Fever
My OC Weaver and Jeanie. >-> DO IT WEAVER, DO IT!!! XD Yes, working with poses, but loved drawing this so much!!!...
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