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Age:17 years
Signed:27.10.2010 16:12
Logged:04.04.2012 14:43
Interests:Dogs, space, nature, art and I'm BIG fan of Australia.
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Halloween contest
Sorry for the background, I had to rush a bit...... So, that blue creature is Hector, some kinda mix of different animal...
Stars and atmosphere
No description
Yeah, it's bony old guy. Nothing amazing though...
Peanut present
I think Chip looks a little bit weird
(Lion King) Simba
I think he's really charming in this picture.....
It's Rosmo the thief! Run for your life! He may throw you with the Diamond........
Is it a phone? No, is it a some kind stick? No, it's a remote control upside down! Who would guess?
Donald Duck
Aku Ankka=Donald Duck (in finnish)
Smiley Simba :3
Some beast
Beast from Disney
This is my favorite Disney classic ^.^
Rose acrylic
Can anybody guess where i got my inspiration? :D
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