Name:Jean-luc Picard
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Residence:Delta Quadrant
Age:2 years
Quote:"Logic is a tweeting bird in a meadow, logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smells bad, are your circuits malfunctioning? Your ears are green. (Spock Quote) "
Signed:01.02.2009 01:27
Logged:02.06.2012 19:28
Interests:Well I am kinda nuts, soooo I have weird taste. Just imagine midevil weapons all the way to Star trek. I am a fish..... .I like water. Trees are pretty. Animals are my friends.Oh the opera is on! I will be back in 3 hours.....
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Keeping watch over the sea
My first of my more realistic pictures. I am finally getting it. : )
fire water earth and sky
magical chinese dragon above some asian style waves.
alone at night
No description
green light
A poem that goes..... Equus Caballus BY JOEL NELSON Written in the Autumn of the Year of the Horse 2002 I...
Midnight mermaid
I want to delete this so bad
the dancing dragon
so cool.I was listening to Chinese music and this happened.
Runaway steed
No description
white griffin of dawn
was inspired by inkdweller
panthers eye
No description
He crys out to us yet few anwer.
Draft whole pic
No description
Emerald mountain
I tried a new scrible realism style. I like it.
in the mornings glow
No description
The sand empress
No description
A sighlent dream
I hope I spelled that right
Buddy picture
I hope no one is offended by big feet and buggy eyes
Quick coloring job
done in photoshop. I just got it a few days ago. This is the full picture of watching ofer the sea. I colored it differe...
subsurface grace color
No description
No description
black magic
No description
John Tangled
Don't ask. And yes I drew it then colored it here.
is it land or is it sea
Look into the picture. Observe the flow and the wind cool blow, look at it closely and soon you will know. Is it land or...
when water turns to steam
female water dragon stuck in the middle of a volcanic steam.
wlolf 3
No description
in the ballroom
For Geddus contest. Music: yes I did leave the face...
oceanic Dragon
I couldn't upload the big file so I had to take a screen shot. I think this is prabable close to my best and most i...
baby wildebeests
two young males play fighting under the african moon.
Winged horse
Drew it in the car
No description
Purple silk scales
Kinda tiger like. I got bored in art class because I finish this years course really early. That is the down side gettin...
Snowy forest fright
Dragoness spooked at the sound of something in the snow
No description
back to the roost
First time using a laptop for this
And the poppys grow row by row
The eye of beauty
No description
I don't know if I spelled that right ether. but, I like this one. Even though the dragon is dying I think is is pre...
dog ghost dragons who lay eggs
Yay imagination. I am out there. Adventure!!!!!!
Dancer from the deep
I tried to edit and color this 5 times and each time the computer crashed, so I decided to just make the pic purple with...
pegasus dessert
No description
No description
No air to fly on
No description
Late night Leo
Drew him late at nigh, and he is a lion.Named him Sulu
Scary Safari
Names: Hitch hiking rhino-X Cammo Bunny- Teresa Leopard scared out of her mind- Poppet Dog driving- Bella Zebra showin...
Misty wolf form
Wolf form of Sasha13013s charactor. I hope I spelled that right. For a contest.
Magic invasion.
I wanted to draw so bad, but i didn't know what, so this happened. He he he.
The great blue dragon
A dragon is soaring obove the clouds.
scribble sea
I scribbled the water and panited the sene
Another cartoon
opps.It cut off part of my sig
No description
on the African plains
No description
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