I don't get people, you try to get along with everybody but you still can't do anything. Things are always falling apart. I guess its about time I give up, move on, I may be willing but who says others have to be
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Age:17 years
Quote:"Every struggle, whether won or lost, strengthens us for the next to come. It is not good for people to have an easy life. They become weak and inefficient when they cease to struggle. Some need a series of defeats before developing the strength and courage"
Signed:27.09.2010 15:16
Logged:28.05.2012 22:40
Interests:Drawing (duh), manga, random cartoons, I have my stages. I'm 14 and pretty random, most of the pics on here will be doodles from class edited and hopefully fairly good...
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Sinder and Riou get into a fight and Psy cant contemplate what happened credit for psyduck (c)MidnightProwler Sinder...
Cornered doggie
so yeah, i drew a crappy dog in a corner, Virus drew some wierd thing, which he will not name so yeah
No idear
iScribble randomness XD Wolfie took my "No idear" comment serriously so since its allready in DA.... left ...
me and Wolfie did this, well i did it, but she was the inspiration
So yeah, me and Wolfie decided to randomly collab, well kinda, she did the line art and i did the colors XD Raven (c)...
Moo I'm A Duck
Don't ask... Just... Don't me and wolfie randomized collab
Originally ment to be a christmas present i decided to make something more animated-ey for that so now its just random x...
Request 1
From my list of reuests on DA
Inkies birthday
SORRY ITS SO LATE ;_; i got caught up in details...
Flame On
No description
Water Entity Done
xD i couldn't decide spirt or demon, and i didn't think he was either so entity it is
Our Pack
No description
William Black
Dobbysocks asked me to make a pic of her OC so here it is! I did it grey scale 'cause i wan't sure &a...
Caged effects
I started messing around with effects, the result..
line art of my Onii Blains OC Blain O.o
Abigail McMath
Otherwise known as Abby, pic for my fanfic for Fillmore!
Steve Keller
Token to The Streets of San Fransico (didn't google so if spelt wrong don't care) Another pic for Fillmore!
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