you can turn your outdoor lights to blue. they sell blue lights at home depot. a way to show your support online is to change your profile picture to something that realtes to autism you can also favorite some of my autism pictures i made. thx for all your support. now lets go spread some autism awareness!
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ragmar12345 gave me an idea to use the kaleidoscope tool. so i'm dedicating this picture to her.
No description
its a racoon that is colored different shades of brown. and its climbing a tree and looking for food.
No description
No description
No description
if you look you can see a reflection
flower cylinder
No description
glowing thunder world
No description
justin bieber rocks
No description
swirl blinds
ragmar12345 gave me an idea to use the gradient tool so i am dedicating this picture to her!! (:
the ying-yang flower
my siste rdid the desighn then i messed around with it and made it into a shape
No description
No description
it looks like your looking down on a colorful umbrella
it's the song i am listening to
disco bubble
No description
never ending hair
i think it looks like hair that never ever ends
No description
No description
No description
bumpy checkers
No description
No description
No description
No description
big blur
No description
No description
thanks julia
not as fabulous as the one she made me. but i felt like i had to say thanks some how
pleaze fav
pleaze fav any of my pics if u like them i am trying to reach 50 favs
safari flowers
No description
No description
No description
its a wet sidewalk with different shades of blue
green blots
i used the dry brush 2 and used different shades of green.
bella symmetry
i wrote the word bella with the symmetry 10 in random colors and then used the spiral and placed it around all the lett...
crazy B
i did three layers one pink one limegreen and then random colors and dark blue. This is one of my first ones not as good...
crazy 100 symetry
i put the symetry on 100 and did random colors. and then did skinny random colors over the top
No description
the cats meow
its abunch of random shapes put toeghether all in one. see if you can find all the cats and all the spike things.
wheel 1 picture
i did abounch of wheel ones. i used lime green, tropical blue, and a bright orange
i did layers of huge checkered boards
theres colors every where!!!
i used alot of colors and just layered them all and used some fx
wow therr are colors
No description
reflected cube
No description
swirrled up checkers
No description
my cousin did this and named it
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