i'm now on DA
Name:Hanna is all you need to know
Residence:LBP: My Moon
Age:15 years
Quote:"Put a sock in it before I decide to drop ya'"
Signed:10.09.2010 02:33
Logged:06.01.2013 02:45
Interests:drawing, reading, LBP, 9 (this includes drooling over the cute little 6) horse back riding, Animal Crossing, Fairies & dragons, Kids Next Door, Monster High... and the list goes on and on
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Milky Holmes: Cordelia
Oh noes!!! Katsu made me a Milky Holmes fan! Idk why i like Cordelia so much.... maybe because she is the day dreamer? a...
Baby Rosalina
Little Rosalina!!!!
Gawh Nuts!!!
nuts! it looks like a littlest pet shop thing. i wanted to draw something with big eyes but..... ah well. its cewt
I have to say.... this is by far the worst pic i have ever drew!!!!!! but as my friend says "He's hot..... �...
Merry Christmas
Merry Chrsitmas Everyone!!!!!!
I got a frying pan..... and i have no idea how to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha!!! my cuz said i couldnt do it!!! we made a bet so now i get the computer all day!!! yay!!!!
Haha... I just watched Alpha and Omega and loved it!!!!! So here is Lily, the worlds best omega!!! i do not own Lily or ...
epic mickey
my version of the Epic Mickey cover. My cuzion helped me out some so if mickey looks bad blame her! XD
5 Sketch
sry, i didnt do real good. to lazy to do a lot of detail. *Booooommm!!!!* 5!!!!!!!!!!!!
super mario galaxy 2
for a contest. fail but i love it!!!!!!
Haha! Father is epic! and i guess this is a gift for my friend iinov8 because father is our fav villian. love how the ba...
NUMBER 86???!!!???
Number 86 starts dancing and singing,not aware that she is being watched. *to the tune of "Rainbow Monkeys"*...
Erika's Fairy
My cuz wanted a baby water fairy so i helped her draw one!
6 Sketch
its a sketch so i did not do his stripes. sry.
A Super Cute Panda!
for my friend
The Tommy
and here we have Tommy trying (again) to impress the young numbuh infinity. The Tommy fails again.
Lagoona Blue
i used to not like her that much.... but i got to say..... shes pretty "clawsome" lol
For my best friend.......
who's always there for me who's there when i dont need her who's got my back who may be insane who mi...
Daughter of a Ghost. Can't wait for her doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
random stars
ok i was bored so i just thought of drawing stars
never stop what you love
me and my bff had a fight at school and to make it up to her i drew this. I know it is really crapy but my best friend l...
the key of 6!!!!!!!!
lol! 6 is my fav person in the movie 9. i do not own 9 or this key!
Milky Holmes: Nero
*giggle* she is so funny! Always wanting food, yelling, outgoing..... anyways, her arms are weird but i like her hat. I ...
Count Bleck
This is for Iinov8, who won my contest, she likes Count Bleck so I figured I would go ahead and try (and most likely fai...
61: To mimic us
Is basically the oposite of 16 (my friend's 9 oc) but try's to be like her, and fails, she can't draw, is...
Tinker Bell at Christmas
Another Christmas pic!
Not sure if it will b submited because it is a remix. (most of it is mine) but it is for a contest.
Milky Holmes: Koko
Yes the leader of G4 (Genuis 4) she hates being called Koko. you call her Master Koko. "I have an ...
7 Sketch
going to do the others soon. I am sure Iinov8 will like them!
2 Sketch
Sorry he didnt turn out really good but i like it.
3 and 4 Sketch
Did you know they were made out of gardan gloves???? Its true!!!! i'm not good at drawing their full bodies so ...
1 Sketch
ok in my defense he is the hardest to draw! this is one of the first times i've done him
the is Want. i named her that because she wants every boy (and sometimes girl) she sees. her real name is Desire but Wan...
362 and 86
I am so proud!!!! i saw something like this on the internet before and got some ideas from a video on youtube. heres the...
Who Do I Look Like?
leave a comment but set it as privite if you think you know who it is. first person to guess right gets a request The w...
Demi Lovato
proud of the hair. the rest fails update: fixed her hair and added some more detial
so cute!!!!!!! Clive DOES approve! XD
Grapple Hooking!
something i came up with and was feeling realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy lazy
My LBP2 oc as a human. she's a lot prettier this way!
oh gosh this is old! edit the scan and poof all better
No description
Pretty horse i scaned and it looked horrible so i did some work!
little Tink
if you dont understand this click here:
Gelcitette is Greek for one who brings laughter. This is my little fairy who loves to make little kids laugh. She rather...
If only I had a friend..... Ok people she needs a friend. It has to be a boy and he better b cewt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any...
Little Big Sketches
Wow... not what i thought i was going to b but i like it. My first try drawing with a tablet! I needed something Little ...
for my friend! :-) I am not good at drawing people and i couldnt do a good job anyway because i am still not good with a...
Numbuh 362
horrible outline but love her coloring! I think i know why her face is like that! random opertive: Hey, numbuh 362, is...
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