started high school on 8/29, pretty cool so far
Name:Chivey Chiversen
Residence:Here, There, Everywhere
Age:17 years
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Signed:02.09.2010 22:39
Logged:20.10.2011 00:58
Interests:Call of Duty, writing, reading, video games, music, tv, internet, big time rush, science, history, Percy Jackson, Digital cable, Diary of a wimpy kid, Robot Unicorns
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Angry Orange
I dare u 2 try and eat this guy, cause he'll bite ur tounge off
i felt like starting something, so i decided 2 do cencorship. There's more on the way later
The celing of a cave
The radioactive symbol on the top of a cave celing EDIT: i remixed this image into a tunnel and now i;ve got 2 get the...
JUSTICE IS SERVED (by Tuckamuckabte)
I though that tuckamuckABTEwould want 2 b drawn kicking tuckamuckHARA's ass
The foggy spike field
I played around with the filters and got this. the fade tool was used to create the fog
The rays of light
Rays of light rising up into space from the ground
Cencorship 4
It's cencorship on a dice!
As my first image, i decided to do my favorite weather phenonmonon a tornado
Interigation reflective
A man smoking while being reflected and under the interagation light
cencorship 3
u get the idea
The Devil Poster
.....But, the devil will kick ur sorry @$$
the fade maKes it look good
Friendly Banana
i know its a little creepy seeing a giant talking banana saying "I can b ur friend" and all but it came out be...
the title says it all
Happy Birthday, Momomeep
Emergency Cross
the cross that is seen on ambulances and the symbol for the American Red Cross.
Ghostface from the Scream film series
I do not own ghostface, it is property of Wes Craven. i decided 2 draw this 4 halloween
Stick Figure Swag 2
The sequal to the original one the same pose but this guy is red and he has a background This is the link 4 the first...
Tunnel of colors
try and go through this
evil pineapple
the angey orange's cousion
Cencorship 2
the cencorship is back again
i made an earth with cracks in it and i messed wit the kalaidascope and got this
Yin-Yang field
Like the foggy spike field, i used the dry brush 2 and the filters to make this image
The light of the heart
A light is being shined upon the heart
Cencorship 5
Drugs And Alcohol Cencorship with a reflection.
Cussing Coconuts
Coconuts can't talk or cuss, but it's only the 1 letter of OM*G
The one with no meaning
The title says it all
The Fire
The never ending cycle of flames.
Cencorship 6
Blood and gore cencorship
No Smoking Allowed
The no smoking symbol that is shown in a lot of public places
Blurred Initals
I wrote my initals and blurred them
At gunpoint
Never cuss at a man with a gun
The Angel Poster
Angels will not harm u......
Pretty Fat
i may b hard 2 read but it says, "i'm not really fat, but i'm pretty close."
No description required
Happy Halloween
it may still b september, but i decided 2 do this
Cencorship 7
cencoring a racy outfit and profane languge in the same pic
Cencorship 8
Pixlating faces 4 cencorship is the newest thing
"Sexy" Coconut
yes, i've started food themed drawings
still no.
No description
"sexy" coconut's half-brother
i got this idea from moomoomeep's image and it is a sequal image to http...
Cencorship 9
cencoring the profane languge through pixalation
Cencorship 10
much like cencorship 9, but this guys blue. he's a gangster that thinks its cool 2 swear
Angry orange 2
this time he's masqurading as a teal colored furit cussing at people
my zodaic sign
The symbol 4 my zodiac sign aquarius
Stick Figure Swag
The name is a parody of the song Pretty Boy Swag by Solja Boy
Liquid(Bloody) Dreams(Nightmares)
Its the bloody nightmares of halloween. it is a ghost following this guy( who is related to the stick figure swag guys)...
Swag Cola
Take a can of swag soda and get ur swagger on
Star Within a star within a star
i made this using the kalidascope and got this by accident
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