Age:16 years
Quote:"Its whats on the inside. No one cares whats on my inside. Im perfectly fine with that, it makes me the best liar. I love it!"
Signed:24.08.2010 00:54
Logged:22.11.2010 19:41
Interests:Dinosaurs, Blue's Clues, Light sabers, Ninjas, drawing (duhh), ..... . Cookie Monster, and random things.
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You have a broken heart....
Well, im giving you a hug! ^^ *open up arms* X to every one who feels down.
This is Felisha aka: main character in my graphic novel! ^^ but this isn't what she REALLY loks like... she's ...
....Julia's little pic...
X3 Julia wanted me to draw a pic... I asked her what Ishould do and one of the things she said was a cow... which wante...
Killing me with hate
THis is a quote for a graphic novel im in the process of writing.... 8( its not going THAT well... = oh well, we will s...
Pickle Mama's Drink!
this is my freind, aka Pickle Mama or Jesus Freak, drew this! Ain't it GREAT?! XP you all just love it. and no, I d...
Molly Muffin Lady UNFINISHED!
DIS IS NOT FISNISHED! XP -_- so no faving crap, you havn't even seen the real deal yet. Im serious.
Aki at the Karafuru Festival
This is my OC Aki! I have alot of OC's in mind buuuuuut I might not draw them all *evil grin* I showed my mom a $69...
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