oaijerjfn lol drunktard roshia :D:D:D
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Age:19 years
Quote:"be what you want to be, not what others want to see"
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APH Sweden
tried the original hetalia style ^^'
Ivan and Thorn
Thorn(on the right) (c) Darkling-Mitsune
APH: Become one
No description
OC: Sheelah
No description
No description
APH: Norge
No description
APH Raivis
No description
APH Finland
Translate: Blue is the sky, blue eyes have it. Blue is the lakes, reflecting the blueness. White is the snow, w...
No description
hjellooo its meeeh~
I survived
''If there is a living hell, it's Auschwitz'' I got this idea from my friends granpa, who wa...
APH Sealand
quick doodle ~
APH Denmark
Made with Paint tool SAI
Felt like drawing some uke face >w< Shame on me~ (and those kanji's. . .they are so. . .*@/=£%¤...
APH wtf is that
No description
Scene wolf lineart
Free line to use. !RULES! *You can edit it as you like (add piercings, edit ears, edit hair etc...) *DON'T CL...
No description
No description
RE Leon
No description
Cant see Cant feel Cant love
Fucking christmas
No description
SP: Molester tweek
No description
APH Vanya
No description
No description
Tom & Aika
These are mine and my friends oc's. Havent draw them in looooong time O_O
L4D Ellis & Nick
why i cant do bg's?? TT_TT
OC: Shiro
No description
OC Joey
No description
RoV Uniforms
No description
Jag hatar
Translate: I hate snow
OC: Åke
No description
No description
L4D Hunter
No description
Happy nosebleed
No description
No description
OC: Ruyk
Dir En Grey - Saku Where's the fortunate future? Where does our fortunate future come? dick men fuck off fu...
No description
SP: Craig
No description
TF: Scout
No description
You can read my comic in here: WARN! CONTAINS YAOI/BL
APH Have you seen
No description
Black horse
sry cant draw horses XD
No description
SP: Fanservice meme <...
Tell me that you need me
Yeah..well some emotional shit of my feelings... Love sucks gaiz...
No description
No description
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