my birthday...
Age:30 years
Quote:"shut up and draw :o)"
Signed:27.01.2009 20:29
Logged:11.11.2010 11:49
Interests:photomanipulation, surrealism etc
Images:51 (public images)
Favorites:196 (for user's images)

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Power of Fantasy
Lil Children Magic World
Her World World of Pink
Suposed to be a test...not anymore.
holly cow,this pic took me 6 days of my life...
Pieces of Memories
No description
Endless Fountain
the sands nymph
Deep Sleep
No description
Watchdog?( she wishes...)
:o) i present for you my (not) brave dog!
inspired on Aaro's Disco Ball
have you ever met someone who had an abuser at home...or do you have or had such person in your own life
when a person is destroyed by somebody else's envy
Hurted Feelings
another sketch(no tablet yet)
this was granny Djanira;i've drew it in 1998 when i had just completed 15 years old;crayon on paper. it was my most...
Man in Tears
just a sketch to spend the time...
testing simmetry and random cool :o)
Reasons to Live 3
No description
Best Friends
bearded she doggies,textures made on sumo
Strawberry n Chocolate Mess
inside a woman mind(heavy consciousness)
Toy Dimension
all the faces were transformed from a photo of my own face with the smudge tool. lot of work.the three look different bu...
Another Valentines Card
it could be better.i just like the lipstick
Forest Entity
A nice camouflage
Reasons to Live 1
mom and the suggar loaf on the background
Women's Jail
i was testing effects...then came this job.
20 Century Old Chocolate
Maybe of pistaccio...
Toy Dimension 2
all the faces were transformed from a photo of my own face with the smudge tool. lot of work.the three look different bu...
Cabaret Barbie
and who is in the middle...? :o)
Falling to the Drug World
actually 15 layers were spent...xo
Girls Secrets
no boys allowed
Reasons to Live 2
my 6 years old santa claus dog...2008 Christmas
You Make my Fall Colorful
For people who really like dogs and know they make our lives better :o) April is Autumn in Brazil.
Deep Sleep 2
No description
Memories of the Dancer
No description
Venetian Blind
Voyeur Pleasure
My Mongrel Dog
her name is Pretinha(it means blackie).i've found her 6 years ago at the street,when she was a 2 months old puppy a...
Forest Entity 2
No description
second job
Multiplicate Around the World
Arabic Christian
just putting a background in an old pic
Falling in Drugs b&w version
actually 15 layers were spent...xo
well,maybe i should buy a tablet some day... :p
Man in Tears b&g version
just a sketch to spend the time...
Endless Fountain 2(Water Dimension)
unpublished version(Water Dimension)
The Beggining
this was the first job
Tree(Autumn Breeze)
original by QZEZ,sumo artist
Tree 3(Nocturne)
original by QZEZ,sumo artist
original by QZEZ,sumo artist
Heart Causing Tsunami of Love
texture,playing with halftone pattern...
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