I made a bunch new artwrkz instead of finishing the ones I already started! lolz! classic me! Althoguh I do really like my new ones I think I am gonna give up on Manips for a while and jsut focus on drawing and coloring! yay! I am also now on DA I like it but I LOVE sumopaint's image creator thing! DA's kinda sucks! lolz!
Age:17 years
Quote:"I hope you enjoy viewing my art work! :)"
Signed:19.08.2010 15:31
Logged:08.02.2012 20:36
Images:28 (public images)
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I made this for a compition on and redid it this isn't the origianal though.
a mix
Velvet Wolf
I made this from scratch using just sumo paint. Though I am not sure if i will just leave it like this or add more detai...
Eletric Shock!
Made from electric storm
Flower Bunny
A bunny made out of flowers
jake (unfinished)
Will be finishing soon. (hopefully)
A pictuer i took of jake. (dream horse)
No description
No description
electric Storm
There was a storm going on when i made this so it inspiried me!
No description
A Fall night 2
A picture of a Night in fall made completely with sumo paint
A Fall night
A picture of a Night in fall made completely with sumo paint
No description
Silver Wolf
Finished! (finally)
unfinished manip
I will be finishing this soon (hopefully)
over the rainbow
created for BP on also lineart by jumpinghooves on
over the rainbow rustic
created for BP on also lineart by jumpinghooves on
Harry Potter Horse WIP
No description
1st evr maip layout thing! lolz!
made for the website!
my personal layout!
The Game
I made this just to irritate my friend
Broken Heart
This is my favorite quote and I just had to use it for something!
No description
puppy in meadow (Unfinished)
I finally started working on this again (for like the 4th time now) lolz I started this last November and it's stil...
No description
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