been a while, but im back
Residence:nashville TN
Age:16 years
Quote:""life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller"
Signed:14.08.2010 21:25
Logged:31.05.2012 22:41
Interests:reading, drawing, watching tv, swimming, playing softball, breathing, :P
Images:49 (public images)
Favorites:38 (for user's images)

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thats me!
thats the truth!
its an inside joke
unless u have any idea what this is ignore it....
The RIGHT Choice
favorite this if you agree
its the truth
Untitled image
why did you kill your father?!
water of life
4 badkitty112 and Pepper1212 and me
the truth... :D jk
random and really really crappy
random... drawn on paint, shaded on sumo paint...
random got bored
random someone asked me if i could do squirells so i did
looking at the stars
This is gonna be my OC Scar. What really happened was that I got bored and this is wha tturned out but I like him. :D
me and my friends u probably know some of them! Badkitty112 is part cat, Pepper1212 is part wolf, Jamrocker (check out h...
Deerpups death
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO random (i dont even know who deerpup is. ) Well the hunters an old man and has bad sight so he acciden...
Uh bad 1st impression?!
4 Dawnflame1. I know im gonna lose but I still had fun making this.
the brothers moon and sun
random. got bored. tthis is what happened. enjoy.
breast cancer
It's October, national breast cancer month! Just thought I would make this.
scars stalkers... O.O
gray cat: I found him. brown cat: he didnt even wear a costume... party pooper. gray cat: maybe we'll find out we...
Scar wishing u a Merry Christmas!
not me!
its the truth
its the truth
the truth
scar and Dawnflame1
4 dawnflame1
Indiana Jones
yeah.... Im a major fan girl <=)
i got bored
i will never do chainmail again
sorry everyone i sent that too im sooooooo embaressed i actually did that :(
i will haunt u 4ever.jpg
I drew this on paint and colored it on sumopaint. its completely random
colorful fur tiles
random got the idea from Brianna71597's The Rare Blue Tiger
Crazy Fruit
No description
its the truth
its the truth! :D
its the truth!
curiosity cat
thought it would make a cool pic
bird, plane, doctor
thought it would make an ok pic
do we need english
its kinda the truth
4 jamrocker
4 jamrocker is 4 jamrocker
math is dum
math is dum
this was kind of a fail it started out good but i got really bored and just got really random.
4 invaderzim2
a teacher kept bugging me to make a dead gum valentine so i picked someone i knew at random.
dont ask
its an inside joke
happy v-day =)
happy v-day =)
genius inside stupid
it's the truth!
Happy Halloween
Random pic
got bored :P
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