Yay todays a half day, more drawing :)
Residence:Under a rock
Age:18 years
Quote:"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!"
Signed:27.07.2010 11:52
Logged:12.05.2012 10:42
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A winter day
This took me 3 hours
Piano line art
So far what I have
CONTEST THAT?S NOT REALLY A CONTEST!!With no winners or losers! A contest with no prizes! YAY! Who could ever dare to dr...
Call my name and save me from the dark
Hidden underneath the top tow layers of the picture are hidden layers to use to make a really cool space scene. Use mine...
Make your own original character
Untitled image
No description
Holiday Sakura (my oc) line art
you can color this if you would like :)
Holiday Sakura (my oc) l
It's colored now :)
I was trying out some tools and thought this looked awesome
My first chibi. Feel free to remix ^^
A ring
I was bored and started messin around
I was bored
Contest Entry
I suck at feet :(
Flower (WIP)
What do I say I am always bored lol
Pac-Mania (lol idk)
There are so many cool colors you can make out of this image. I allow others to remix to make it your own. Enjoy!
Ciara White
My new OC
For 4hlovas's Contest
Its a tropical paradise
Love forever
I'm bored
Read the rules
yes i hve some pink hair
For hallbes cotest
my 2nd entry
No description
Dats me this time as a chibi
I drew this in 5 minutes...
I drew this!! The only reason it says liv4music995 is I'm putting it in a youtube video!
Who is mYsterion
No description
No description
miku hatsune lineart
This is not mine
You get a fave and a request if you guess corectly
I was too lazy to draw clothes and color, enjoy
unfinished peace
Srry its unfinished
Finally finished :)
An old pic to a new one
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