Thanks so much to all of your nice comments and favourites, means alot :DD I'm not going to be on sumo for a while so I can't reply to anybody till I'm on again. Bye :D
Age:18 years
Signed:24.07.2010 13:52
Logged:14.07.2011 19:12
Interests:Video editing, Art, Avoiding work, Music, Rain o3o, Photography, Watermelons...
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Rock Pool
I remembered how much i used to love rock pools when i was little '^ . ^ so then i felt like i had to draw this >...
Saw quite alot of eye drawings on sumo paint so i thought id have a go :3
Vampire :K
Yup I suck at hair and colouring among with many other things x _ x
The Almighty One
The spectacular Bunchie in all its awesomeness
Bloody Hands
Drawing of someone pressed up against a glass wall ._.
Burning Village
...Honestly? I don't actually know what its suppose to be ... Whatever you like :D
Save Me...
No description
Boredom x_x
hjhfeyh T - T
Trying (and failing badly) to learn how to draw guys
Iscribble test
Me and Kouri testing iscribble for the first time :D
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