Suckish Rating I know, but I haven't played on in a while
Residence:Someone's eye
Age:2014 years
Signed:21.07.2010 21:18
Logged:06.04.2012 14:44
Interests:Springfield M1903-A4, M110 SASS, Barrett M-82A1, Tango-51, PSG-1, WA2000, M85, L96A1, L115A1, Dragunov, SR100
Images:93 (public images)
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Newfoundland Deep Sea Species Octopus
The 1 out of 11 new Deep Sea Creatures found of the Coast of Newfoundland, see
Purple Oats
No description
My Dog "Riddley"
She's lying down in her favorite spot
The Reaper
Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
This type of spider is known as a "Yellow and Black Argiope"
Megladon vs. Scuba Driver
Anyone want to be him? Say I.
Orange Hurricane
All by meself, Enjoy!
Watercolor Picture
Most of it is by hand, partial enhanceman in sumopaint. Believe it or not this is 100% me+sumopaint.
Entry to Contest and Reguest from Were Chic
The japanese means Were Chic as a narwhal in the traditional and romanticized
Wheel of Fortune
Uhh... Yes I'd like to solve, is it "Smart Blonde"?
LittleBigPlanet Construction Workers
LittleBigPlanet one of my favorite games (next to the Lost Planet Series).
My Evil Monkey
He's not just staring at you from my room, he's now staring at you from the computer monitor
My Moai sculpture
"Hey you, DUM DUM, you give me GUM GUM"
Riddley 2nd Image
Happy, Blackcardinal?
0% off select items
Saves you MILLIONS
July 11th 2010 Solar Eclipse
A Solar Eclipse photo taken by Glenn Schnieder, originally posted on's photo gallery (found right ...
My Username in Japanese
Just be glad were not speaking the language now.
lilsunshine's username in Japanese
requested by lilsunshine
Red-Green Colored Flower
It used to be bluish, but I like it! Don't report it just 'cause you're red and green color blind, and yo...
No dividers
Let me now when you come up with a better idea and be sure to check out the website in the bottom right hand corner
Happy Tree Friends, I strongly urge (those of you who do not have weak stomachs, or light-hearted) should watch this sho...
Gabyconstanza in Greek
Dedicated to Gabyconstanza. The names of the symbols in order are under the phonetic spelling. I know the ending portion...
Sumopaint Head
Took me at least 2 hours, ENJOY!
Is this even possible?
11 Queens, 2 Bishops, 2 Rooks, 2 Knights and 1 King vs. 1 King
Red Carved Sumopaint Head
I know I got a little carried away, but enjoy anyway.
The Eye of The Universe
It's whatever you want it to be
Modern Warfare 2 Personal Picture
For those of you who have PS3's friend Way_Cool_Jr. My Dad made this cool photo for me. Enjoy!
Spectrum of Colors Spiraling into Nothingness
It's spiraling, Spiraling, spiraling, spiraling,... oh yeah, and more spiraling.
Mosaic Sun
No description
The Farthest Corner of Space
Can you think of a better name? If so plz tell me.
Marigolds in a barren garden
Saw it in my backyard and took a picture
A Zinna flower amongst a colossal Cucumber plant
It was the only decent Zinna in the garden
Large twisted Cayenne peppers
It was a good year for my peppers
Mysterious red rock
It's odd isn't it
A fallen Paper Wasp nest
Glad I didn't get stung
A Bouque of abundant flowers resting upon rocks
I saw an opportunity, and I seized it
The Sky
What more?
Kilroy's always watching you
He's there alright
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