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Been to Keltfest today. It was awesome!!! :D
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Quote:"'When things go to hell, we put on our shades and we get a tan' - Thomas Ridgewell"
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Interests:Sharing my stuff here and on DA and connecting with other artists. Please feel free to ask me questions or give suggestions :)
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a walk at night
I really rushed this one, but I just felt like putting something up. So here it is, not very much detail, but I hope you...
From The Steampunk Empire
For Virusghost18 and Rythmicsin's STEAMPUNK CONTEST. It took me the g...
The fox the crow and the cookie
One for my own fairytale series :) It's a quicky. I love this little story, told in a lovely way in this song: ht...
No description
No description
Autumn Forest
Came out waaaay diffrent from the picture in my head. But I don't have time to start another one now. Kinda rushed,...
cornfield dancer
slightly diffrent^^
No description
this took a long time... but finally! I hope you like it =)
Another world
with a little bit more fantasy
No description
For Hallbe's "sort of Contest"
There it is! And now the smokebubbles are waterbubbles! Thanks Hallbe for the inspiring vid and I hope you like the pic!...
the ship
I kinda rushed this one :P
No description
No description
The Lizard
No description
There are so many people that feel this way... I just started and this is what came out... For all the people that...
ancient animal
this one is for Night Dragon's contest. hope you like it =)
a warm cup
actuallly one of my personal favorites ^^
End of the day
No description
Hello Snow
Yep, it's winter ;-)
made with scribbler ( ) and sumopaint. Thank you Kwikdraw for the link! I really lik...
a walk at night 2
So I thought let's make another one :P And it's another very much black one.
The Shore... and, what's that?
This one was unfinished for a long time. So I decided to make something out of it and get it done. The sea came out awfu...
Gothic Scenery (Start-off)
here is another unfinished painting.Please feel free to edit! I'd love to see what you can come up with! The image...
Another thing made with smokebubbles! =D Hope you like it!
It's quite a simple image. But I got inspired while watching a music video from August Burns Red, "Meddler&quo...
a wild ride
Something I did last summer: filming while riding a horse.. I made a picture from the film and then drawed this in sumo....
The root of evil
No description
As we long for spring
I figured it would be time to put something of lighter colour in my gallery ;-)
She ran away...
No description
Lantern above water
So once upon a time... I was on Sumo and saw this nice image of a lantern by Virusghost. I got inspired and made one too...
Rosalita and Peony
For Kwikdraw's fine art challenge. Since I didn't have enough tim...
a walk in the moonlight
This also is an old one before I signed up. Did some practice with the glow effects...
El Zorro
I was and still am addicted to this series! I Love it!! So I really felt like making a picture of it. Olé
Mermaid of Wires
Made with another scribbler-program: please open in full vieuw! ^ ^
Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll
This song has been stuck in my head all day =) If you feel like it, check out this song, Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll...
100% sumopaint, please open in full view
I made this one on sumo before I actually signed up. Just to try things out a bit =)
For Elliedx Contest
Made with the scribbler =) It's also kind of an expreiment since I haven't used colours in this program befor...
Cold crystals
Winter's on the way! Thank you Hallbe for the wonderful snowflakes!
The Grand Circus Contest - CLOSED
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.... May I present to you: The Grand Circus Contest! Join the Circus and release ...
Surprise! This is one for Skateboardchick19! She has been waiting patiently for me to upload something new so here you a...
These eyes
sort of a redo of 'liquid 1'
Sailing the Seas
A Pirate girl for Anniepannies Contest. This is the final result for the WIP. Added details, lighting, face, etc. A...
From Shadows to Glow
made in sumopaint
Art Challenge --CLOSED--
Since I thought Kwikdraw's fine art challenge was fun, I tried making my own contest for you all! This rough setu...
For Virusghost18
This one is for you, man! I'll miss you in those two years, but I wish you all the best on your journey!
Sola Pluvia
No description
Inspired by the album cover of Beats Antiques 'Electrafone'
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