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Quote:"One day, God created Saturn. And he liked it, so he put a ring on it."
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An Ice cold heart
A picture of my OC Alpha. uh, happy-cold Valentines day i guess. xD
OMG this thing have 12 LAYERS!
X3 anyways....I just got inspired and i wanted to try out the new tools here it is :3
From sunrise to sunset
I was practicing horse anatomy last night late. so yeah, i kinda like this :3
World domination
o.O xD the unicorns name is leonard btw. x3
My dog 'Angel' being really weird o.O
the title says it all~ XD
Hamtaro gone bad? Most possibly. Request from Raggie :D
angelic puppys
just trying out a new style. (iscribble+mouse)
Black hole
i was playing around with stuff and it looked weird so i posted it. ed of story. o_O
Corries request =3
Corriebunnys request, a grey cat with white stripes and green eyes. I really kinda like it-- xD Small ref used, even...
for Julia C: drawn on a pogram called
Morgan-border collie with backround.
EEK! this came out pretty good! this is for me and my friends comedy/romance/mystery/adventure/weird book were making XD
no title capable of titling this
that title doesnt make any since. i was bored so here ya go xD
angelic puppy :D
just trying out a new style. (iscribble+mouse)
Dixie- cat form. :3
i drew dixie in her cat form on iscirbble...the lines look much better :3
Photo editing ;D
i was bored and i didnt know what to do so i edited some <b> Non- Copyrighted </b> photos :3 i hope yah enj...
Its my dog angel, in a hat x3 super Kawai and all that stuff. xD
Somwhere out there~
idk o-o just playing around with stuff~
The Adventures of Heavenly tomato
Yes, i took the time to make a backround for you. >:3 now bow down to me. jk xD uh, yeah, sorry if it kinda all blend...
more abstract :3
Made on scribbler :D
Just my OC :T i forgot to put the stripes on the scarf dfgjgfjff yay dogswithhair ftw dsfghjkl
Tornado Alley
A Tornado Storm Scene
Pretty manga ninja / samari / warrior
just another one of my sketches. I hope you likey XD
bagels vs. doughnuts
Wanted Poster
scary cookie monster O_o make sure to look under your bed tonight. XD
Gateway to heaven
Playing around with the bump texture tool.
Ice caverns
this is how it loks if you are zoomig out of control on ice
Random sunset vortex
Manga sitting girl
I was bored so i just started trying out new manga poses. im pretty pleased with the turnout X3
for flyleaffan contest
this is for flyleaffans look alike contest
random fairy person! :D it wasnt actually supposed to be a fairy, but the flowers were huge and sparkly so there yah go ...
eye with lots of makeup that is running down her face
an eye with tons of makeup that is starting to leak! wonderful aint it? :3
XD i made this to put on a shirt for my bffs bday XD check it out!
the modern version of singing in the rain.
( a spoof of demeters robots playing chess picture) okay, so demeter inspired me. so did the movie wall-ee ( or however...
No description
Rainbow skittles-way better version!!!
PLEASE FAVORITE. i felt like the other one was ugly so i did her in a diff pose. :D
Rainbow skittles-way better version!!! backround
i felt like the other one was ugly so i did her in a diff pose. :D
EEEW! you need a tic tac!!! finished. or is it??
well i finished the backround and shading. i explained more about this pic in the original picture of this. so i you wou...
nevermind. you dont need a breath mint no more :) -backround com
Cooper is on the left, constance is on the right. Constan...
Me myself and i
Yesh, I knoe, ive learned my lesson....sketches dont get much credit on here. But whats the harm in putting it up right?...
XD ok this is a tribute to tc prints welcom to the jungle XD i SO want my bed spread to look like thi O_O
Angel gets a makeover!!! X3
ok first of all i DID NOT put makeup on my dog. all of it was done it sumo!! XD so this is a real pic and i put it on a...
My fursona reese :3
I FINALLY got around to makin a here it ish! :3
Eye See You....
hmmm........idk XD
drawn on flockdraw :D just doodling susi's OC parsley ^^ all copyrights to parsley belong to her.
Sandy!! My fursona/OC/trying out new style Dog!
YAY SHES DONE! :D this took me like FOREVER cuz i did it all with a mouse.....t might not look like its that hard to do....
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