I need to get back sumopainting, wow.
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Residence:Hiding in a dark, dark cave....
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More rainbow swirls
This is cool. this is how I made it :1. I went to Gradient Fill (in tools) 2. I changed the type of gradient fill to a s...
element garden
No description
Rainbow Flame 1
Peace,,,dude. (ett)
Fall in
No description
Wow this is cool it looks real!!!!
Folding Fan
This looks like a/an folding fan!
Sun in the metal world
No description
No description
No description
Art Theft . Remix. I support this and her other work!
I support this. i encourage you to sign too. THANKS ALL
No description
I was bored. BLARG.
Cube cords
I was just playing around with brushes!
No description
Cracking, peeling. Silk.
This particular piece of silk is very old. It is cracking and peeling (c) Greek goddess
Lemon&lime curcuit
Lemonlime curcuit (sp?)
Wooden World
Sumo has soooo many features i have to learn. (NOT wave lab. I was talking about texture)
I made this so each layer has a swirl, and the top layer has the flowers and splatters. Like a tunnel .
Boy, do i wish these were real!!!
Made with sign generators It says: THIS COULD LAST FOR DAYS FEEL FREE TO CRASH INTO EACH...
I dont know ,,, random idea.
I used the flower brush for the background.
Winter Wonderland
The big orange bubble in the middle is the smoke bubble!
Glass sumo abstract-y
I used the glass sumo brush!!!!!! glass sumo.
When it burst.
When it burst!
Trapped in the fire
Im trapped in the fire an i cant get out.
No description
The pillars
No description
Pretty colors.
No Description.
Sorry about the sucky quality, I just love the effect of the picture.
The faire
No description
The Pond
Made with perspective tilling.
Animal Print
No description
Untitled image
No description
Vampire's orb
Sorry, it might be hard to see. Working with a dark gradient .
Seasonal Lights
I love all the colors OxO
No description
Pictures from my profile.JPG
Made up of pictures from my profile that I took a snip of.
Dream Daze (days)
I think I used too much of the purple, ack, I love purple :D
The peackock
I used one of my old pics as a ref...
The dragons fire
No description
No description
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