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Name:Mirandom Zarnold
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:stuck with my split personality
Age:16 years
Quote:"The 'Earth' without 'Art' is just 'Eh'"
Signed:26.06.2010 21:58
Logged:01.06.2012 21:22
Interests:DRAWING (no dip Sherlock), writing, annoying people, talking too much, daydreaming, harrassing random strangers for wearing purple pants, running into walls, and being lazy in general :)
Images:169 (public images)
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blue (ish) lightning
i was dead bored so i decided to make something fun ^.^it got reallly anoying by the end though, trying to keep it from ...
Red eyes
Hodini agian but this time with killer red eyes! They suite him don't they?
undersea melody
i just felt like drawing a mermaid. i feel like coming to this site has helped me improve so much. im really proud of...
Yin and Yang
the original was like three times bigger but i had to shrink it for sumo to open it. still need fullview though, tis ver...
Kissing Twilight
im really proud of this one. took me forever though fullveiw is a bit better for this one... done 100% by mouse
Floating to the Surface
Fate's Sword
My Oc Fate. And yes, I do absolutely love making up crappy wordplays with her name :3 im still experimenting in phot...
Ultra Voilet - Requested by Shortstack13
It used to be purple...Hope you like it!
black hole
No description
i finally finished! i love the way this one turned out. ill explain the title later done by mouse
My Needle and Thread
a re-draw of something I really used to like, but hate now. The old version that is, love this one! :D Used to be calle...
the time of death
i honest ly dont know.... i was reading and this just poppe dinto my head and i ended up drawing it... i think im posse...
May the Boring Die
Im goin on strick until they do too
sail away
sail fish mermaid!
goodnight sweet heart
my oc riley giving her final farewells Once again, story removed due to suckiness. If you want to read Whitewashed (...
Life on Mars
or some other planet
All but Black and White
I just adore this pic. Every thing beside the flower is black and white. I find the effect dazzling
Sly as the Fox
this is my second sumo image and i love it! IN the begginning i was possitive it would suck but it didnt. im not saying ...
dreaming of snakes
if there can be faries for flowers, why not snakes?
skulls and ruffles
once again, bored in math class. It has a skull / ; )
Spider Queen
This is a re-draw of an image that I drew around a year ago - before I changed my style. I'm really, really happy w...
Might as Well be Purple
Purple os the best color ever so ...
a princess and her dragon
for paper dragons full moon contest. i remebered!
An angel OC for my comic If you do not use full view i will hunt you down and kill you
Among the Thorns
My first digital painting like... ever. so im proud. Yes
Behind Blue Eyes
I know it's not very good, but it's a painting, which i've never been very good at and it was all done of...
Currently in the process of painting over. My OC Evalyn and the last of my realism thingies for now. I hate her hair. ...
Inside the Magic
No description
Put Your Shoes in People
I had this digital photography class and i got bored so i said 'i need a picture of everybodies shoes.' only a...
just a kiss of darkness
im finally done! this one took me around 5 hours of off and on work...
Name:Miku Sex: inconclusive - behavior of a male Breed: telepathic wolf Personality: keeps to self, known to lash...
Show Your True Colors
For our reading homework we had to draw an idiom taken litterlly.... yep
Something Lost
sometimes the things i draw make me wonder about myself. I think theres something wrong with me. this wasnt a vent imag...
My OC. Her full name is Alyssa Zane ... something, i'm too lazy to check, but she goes by Zane. Zane is a girl and ...
Little Red
My OC Autumn's 'secret' identity. This image gave me a lot of trouble. Not the actually drawing, whic...
What. Ever.
Yeah! Fate! I'm really, really proud of this picture, and I like most all of it (besides her hair >:() I'...
Among Us
If I said I had any clue waht was going on here, I'd be lying XD
A Glowing Fog
I'm waiting for my teacher, so this is technically uncompleted, but I will never finish it 'cause I'm a l...
You Know I'm Ninja
I guess that it's sorta kinda supposed to be me, but I'm wearing glasses (for now) and I'm not quite as ...
It's a Dragon
I've inked over this, but I don't think I'm going to make the picture digital. I'm too afraid to col...
Don't Touch Me
Ha, it looks so wierd xP
Fairy eye
that makes it look much cooler. still kinda sucky though...
color chaos
No description
Haunted Churchyard
for those of you who look at this and get affended, i asure you that this doesnt mean what you may think. Im a crhistan...
this is the first image ive made 100 % in sumo.I was going to do a cool thing with the background but my computer starte...
midnight watcher
its a griffin gargolye. which means its a gargolye... that looks like a griffin. wow thats kinda confusing.... look! a b...
so your life is boring...
idk... i was bored... the person is probably my best, shes a diff. style than i uassaully use... it kinda sucks that i o...
strath is my fursona. her full mane is gothic straw berry but strath is SOOO OOOOOOOOOOO much cooler.she wont usaully lo...
i have been drawing as much as a storm makes rain. i only have 5 pages left in a 208 page sketch book. crap. ill be post...
Falling Somewhere
this is my first atempt at both something cartoony and flat shading. im proud : 3 dont like her hair though. not at all ...
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