I'm at my NEW home with Kate! We will share a room, and her house is huge! If you want 2 know her username it's Scenepop!
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Age:19 years
Quote:"Lets all be friends!"
Signed:26.06.2010 21:35
Logged:06.02.2011 07:28
Interests:Cheerleading, partying, sleepovers, my fave colors are blue and white! I also care a great deal about friends and family my besties are kate and her username is scenepop, my other friends are Damon, and Violet.
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4 Ninjapretzels10
No, I'm not emo,goth, or scene!!!! I just like 2 wear white,blue and things with peace and skulls! If you want scen...
I will start making more
Sky and Sun
Ha I wouldn't pay 5$ 4 this!!!! Oh well :D
Light and Bones
4 Monkeysyd
Night and Moon
Dunno but I like it!!!
Live It
Shy smiley
I am makin a series
Cool One
in my series
The punching bag
Lol I got tons more
Pixel Clovers!!!!
Dunno, I was just bored?
Stars in Sky!
Just a remix of another picture I made!!!!
Rainbow n Skull
Dunno, but it came out goody!!! lol :D
Evil 1
Making a series of these things
I have drawn more of these!
AWWW, so sad!!!!! Check out my other smileys!
Flower Reflection
Its cool I gueesss
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