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Quote:"When life hands you lemons, use them to squirt lemon juice in the eyes of your enemies." -HappyBunny"
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Eye of the Tiger
I'm SOOOO happy on how this turned out. I was afraid it would look ugly, but it's not so bad!!! This picture i...
My Pack of Buddies
I told you I would do it Skatey. :P The wolf in the top left is Inkdweller (I'm putting their names here because m...
Life as a Werewolf
Passage One: I walked through the woods, aware of every tiny thing around me. The wind blew softly, ring...
Being Cool Isn't Always Smart
For Virusghost's contest. xD Andy is trying to be 'cool' by not listening to the obvious sign. After grin...
Art Thievery: DON'T do it
If you have anything to say on the topic, go ahead and remix (even though it will be hard) Introducing my OC, Alex. I...
PacMan eating berries
Robot and his dog
Thank you Demeter for showing me how to do this!!!!XD
It was a good snapshot...
...except for the lioness yawning in the background.
Vincent (the dude) always had a crush on Autumn. She gave him a kiss because he gave her her binder (which had all her e...
I'm obsessed with this stuff!!!!
*points at Demeter* your fault!!!!:D
It's a submission for Hallbe's 'Fly me to the moon' contest...that isn't a contest!!! It was re...
Friendship Pic: Susiron
Susiron's OC, Mr. Kibbles (which is a girl), admiring her work of art (the snowman)...with me in the background abo...
Eatin' the Asteroid Crunchies
My little brother requested this. He wanted me to make a picture of robots eating something. X3
Rainy day
4 Contestcat's contest...they're robots playing ball in the rain (I overdid the rain...I knowXD)
What're you looking at?
I LOVE making these things. Next I'll make one for my first passage of 'Fake Stars'
Continuing to practice realism. Really proud of this picture, the colored pencils didn't really jack up the picture...
My dog, Cinnamon
The 75lb scared of a dog half the size of a chihuahua labrador.
Pet rock Challenge
For Hallbe's awesome Pet Rock Contest. I LOVE YOUR CONTESTS HALLBE!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!
This is a friendship pic!! I'm sorry for the lousy background. The fox (cat-looking animal with Santa hat) is I...
Anthony's meme
WIP, I'll add color this weekend. Full view durp. I used Andy. In the second passage, I would be a Queen wearin...
Happy Birthday Susiron!!
I failed on Melly. I made her look fat. 0,n,0 *SOBS!!!!* Anways, I wish you a happy b-day Susiron, even though I don...
Unicorns working for an undercover drug company. They go by UPS (really Unicorn Pot Service) U.nicorn P.ostal S.ervice.
A Little Mishap
Previous Passage: Passage 2: A little Mishap “Tony, you’d better get tha...
My OC, Tanya, all beat up from a night's training. Previous Passage: ...
Tears of a Dragon
My OC, Elli, who was on the run with 'Tom's Pack.' She needs to hide in a barnyard at one point. Let'...
Everything you ever wanted has burnt and broken with the feather.
Friendship Pic: Skaty!!!
This is for skaty PLEASE note: If you take this the wrong way, i will be ANGRY!!!! Also: I am imagining stick dynamite o...
Andy is my new fursona. I will keep Alex as an OC, but she won't be my fursona anymore.
Bits is (obviously) a beaver. She is rather lazy, and spends a lot of time in her dam/on her tree stump. Her best buds...
This doesn't look good
FULL VIEW DURP!!! I, sadly, spent an hour on this. The shading's bad, but I'm pretty proud of the picture in ...
This is Susiron's dragon Arx from 'Guilt.' The little rabbit was from her rabbit adoptions. His name is Z...
Otter continued
I'm going to finish this for a late birthday present to susiron (the first present was crap) I can't f...
Not many of you know this, but I will normally draw myself (when I enter my drawings) as a floating head with three line...
This is a wolf I'm making for my friend's RP. She isn't on this website, but I figured I'd draw him....
Yes I realize it's August
This is for Bunnygirl's holiday contest. My fursona, Pilot, being patriotic.
Okay, this took an hour or two and it STILL looks like crap! At least the background, I've been improving on wolves...
The ROAD (AKA, my old pet turtle Speedy)
This is for my blog post. Most of my artwork now is for my blog posts. :/ It's just really fun to draw for. :3
A very bad mirror lake
I told you I can't draw with a mouse!!!! Only if I knew how to illuminate the stuff.:(
The Girl who never Woke up
Sarah sat alone on a a bench in the park. She stared up at the stars and sighed. They twinkled and laughed at her, and ...
I hope this works
Layers so isn't working for me. Does this work or no??
Moon in the black night
Previous Passage(s): Passage 5: I dashed off to find Tom, skidded thr...
For Mrs.Jonas Contest 3
This picture is actually of a lion standing up like a hero.
Howling Moon
Lily is a normal werewolf living calmly...until the humans discover her pack. They light a fire on their forest home. Li...
Happy Birthday Someone!
I was bored, and I was thinking of ghosts and birthdays at the same time...BAM!!! Here you go, this is what you get out ...
I guess this is another thing I used the bubble in. I just kept messing with it until I got something. I eventually got ...
Insanity, Special Needs, and Congress.jpg
I don't mean any offense to anyone, I just think we're not doing so swell right now.
Failed Dreams
These are only a few of the stories that I started before 'Howling Moon.' Not named: Penny yawned and st...
Fake Stars
I know this can't be anywhere CLOSE to my character, but at least there's the star. Passage One: A young...
I am going to see if I can remix it and make it better.
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