I want to scream so hard I would leave you deaf!!!!!!!!!! ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!! They're coming to my city, near Downtown!!!! CONCERT CONCERT!!!!!!
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Residence:North Carolina
Age:15 years
Quote:"Piano buddy!!!"
Signed:18.06.2010 00:01
Logged:02.06.2012 02:29
Interests:Acting, drawing, piano, music, Evanescence , Paramore, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, ONE DIRECTION , Twilight, The Hunger Games, quotes, poems, life, and BVB , and all other music :D
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Team Edward Cullen!!!
xxx, Edward Cullen..........
moon and rose
twilight names
a person with so mant emotions weaving over and over...changing constantly
the Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Red and White
Colors of ....
Team Edward, All the way!!!
I would like to give this to my cousin. Me and her are both Team Edward, and we are both obsessed too!!!! Team Edward...
Cute Nachos!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it want to eaten????
twilight so beatiful
moon and rose
Fancy 3
No description
No description
No description
Red 1Rose
No description
Evanescence is an amazing band. Love the Album "Fallen" !!!
Edward Cullen (snow)
No description
Chibi Miku lineart
Hope you like it Mikuhatsunerocks!!!!!
Poem contest
The poem was for the contest of Ellymay, for the lullaby contest, Oh, and sorry, I put (*sclowing*), instead of '...
Midnight Sun
Can't wait for the book Midnight Sun to come out!!! :D
You know you are obsessed with Twilight when...
My friend sent me this quote through email, and decided to do this.
When you enter, you paste the link of the song from youtube (if there), and comment, and below give a description of why...
Safety on Sumo (little kids)
Please read and spead the word. (if you don't like to sign things, a favorite will show your support) if we...
Life is....
Hopingforhavoc gave me a wonderful idea, and here it is!!!
twilight saga: new moon
new moon at the begining of the movie....... (it looks like a cresent moon.. but it would have to be movie to get to ...
No description
No description
No description
I was born in the winter
Pink Snow
Color snow
Pinkpuffs all around.
Team Edward
Team Edward
My brother, made it!!!! and he is 6
i was born here, with parents that speak spanish!!!!
Pink and Black
No description
No description
there is a 2nd sun i made up!!!!!!!! So if there are 2 suns on either side of the earth, then summer will never end!!!
it took not so long
No description
Pink and Yellow
No description
Sunset paradice
No description
Moon and Star
No description
Snowflake in winter
No description
No description
Flower in nature
No description
Live Love Laugh.........
Classmates from 5th grade (i am not in 5th grade any more) made up some face called oogles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Merry Christmas
No description
No description
I did it in 2 min, sooooo, yeah
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