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Exactly one year - Exakt ett år
This is my first pic on Sumo-paint. I usualy make my pic's after how i feel, so as you can see i'm not very ha...
This is a pic of my (well, she is my moms..) shetland Ida. She is an gently old lady. 27 years old! My mom bought her wh...
School prodjekt :)
Made this one i school in photoshop elements 4.0. ^^ Pretty happy whit how it came out :):) Coment and rate!
Where now? - Vart nu?
A brown dog seems to wonder where to go now. I dew the sketch in sumopaint and the rest of it in gimp. :) Breed? Wll.. h...
Puppy - valp
I drew the sketch in sumopaint and colourd it in gimp :) A cute forest-puppy. ^^ Hope u like it
Run away - Spring din väg
A cartoon-wolf/dog. I tested a lot of tools in this drawing and it was fun to make it! :) I usualy dont draw i this styl...
Secrets - Hemligheter
Some forests have secrets.. Well, it took for ever to do.. I used sumo-paint, as usual. I kinda lika the result but i ...
A little grey kitten - En liten grå katt
The beauty is inside, right? So even a little, grey, stray kitten is a beauty...
Reflection - Reflektion
Black and white, a horse who look at its own reflection:) A easy and fun pic to draw, all made in sumopaint. Speedpa...
Cute kitty - söt katta
Cute kitty drawed in gimp 2.6
100% sumopaint! A pic i made in scool when i should have done something else...(:
Black Pegasus - Svart Pegasus
Good idea, bad result. Iäm realy not happy whit how this one come out. It's a black pegasus flying agains the ...
Stuck in the same tree - Fast i samma träd
A quick, easy drawing. No shadows or any advanced things (; Easy but funny, hehe
Jump - Hoppa
A ugly drawing of a jumping pony. I'm not happy at all about it come out. :P I'll make a new one as soon as i ...
Dragons - Drakar
2 small dragons. I was to lazy to draw something serious .. It's so much easyer to draw something that really not e...
Ludde 5 years - Ludde 5 år
My bunny Ludde became 5 years today :D
Moonshadow - Månskugga
A pic I started to do when i was in scool:) (and when i should have done something totally else..)
Bedtime! - Sängdags!
Yep! Bedtime for little bunny! Cute and quick drawing, very fun to do :) I tested a lot of fun tools and stuffs on this ...
My 7 rabbits - mina 7 kaniner
I have 7 rabbits in real world :) This is how they look like.. Kinda.. The colours is little weird on some of them. I do...
Mad mare - Arg Märr
A fun pic of a scared wolf, a mad mare and her foal. (; Wolves is a problem in northen sweden. They kill a lot of tam...
Realistic dog/wolf - Realistisk hund/varg
Please open i full view! Well, from the beginning i wanted it to be a Norwegian Elkhound. But then i started to look mo...
Are u real? - Är du riktig?
A cute pic drawed i gimp 0.2. took ca 20 minutes to do :)
Cloudy - molnigt
Nice pic, drawed a long time ago in gimp.
Ida - work in progress
A work in progress-pic of my shetland Ida.
Ida - work in progress 2
A work in progress-pic of my shetland Ida.
Ida - work in progress 3
A work in progress-pic of my shetland Ida.
Enemies - Fiender
Okay... I got bored xD Boredom + me = fun! And i will ignore comments like ''cats and dogs can be friends, my...
Kittys - Missar
I didnt want to do something advanced... So i did something cute and easy ;) Two little kittys.
Little Lion - Lilla Lejon
A friend wanted me to draw a lion. Dont ask why xD But here he is! A cute little lion. :)
Rhino - Noshörning
Well... My friend apperently cant get enoght of the big african animals.. She wanted me to make a rhino. I had no idea h...
r.i.p kitten
A wonderful little kitten passed away today 24/6-2010. Will never forget you When you wish upon a star Makes no diff...
Funny animal, sketch
Just messed around whit sumo-paint, dont now if i'll finish it ;)
Angry Cat
A quick sketch. :)
Girl - Tjejj
Work in progress... Okay.. I never ever tryed before to drav a human being on computer. And almost never irl. But i th...
Aniamals - Djur
A pic to a webside bakground.
Rabbit - Kanin
yep, i like to draw rabbits. This is a pic of my irl-rabbit Knubbis. (Means chubby in english.) ;)
Cat profile - katt profil
a black cat profile
Quick sketch
A quick sketch of a dog.
Black and Blue
I made this one in gimp in just 2 diffrent colours. black and blue. ^^,
A quick sketch of a horse.. all made in sumopaint. :)
Horse :)
just a very quick drawing of a horse.
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