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2 new photo's coming up!
Name:Ashley Sneyers
Age:19 years
Signed:06.06.2010 16:57
Logged:19.05.2011 23:27
Interests:Especially gaming, but taking pictures and edit them too
Images:21 (public images)
Favorites:3 (for user's images)

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Hotdog original
I found this on the net, it's a good image to start with.
A real photo, shot by me. It has kinda Surrealistic effect. NOTE: I didn't edit at all!
The Angry Sumo Logo
Angry Sumo Logo, with permission of Sumo
My first photo, I have add a special glow. original photo:
The Coca Cola logo
the font is called Hawaii Killer and it's easy to find on the net.
Our solar system
Quick sketch of our solar system
Slytherin Comptech
Remix of Slytherin
Me at the Belgian shore
Cat teaches us a valuable lesson
look at the picture, and you see the lesson.
image from:
the Typhoon Bobbejaanland
My photo of the Typhoon. Feel free to remix in a video!
The Sledgehammer
again, no editing also in a video!
Me on a Orctooth Seller Outpost event.
OSO new logo
There I am!
No description
My first *good* character. Totally drawn, coloured and shaded in Sumopaint.
The art of drawing
That's how you do it!
Sketch of myself
No description
My YouTube background
The newer version of my YouTube background.
No description
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