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what am i doing? going through mine and shmoo's hilarious arguments!
Name:Alex Jeddhedd Hark
Website:Visit user's website
Residence:Planet Jedward
Age:18 years
Quote:"L.I.V.E L.I.F.E T.O T.H.E F.U.L.L."
Signed:03.06.2010 10:38
Logged:29.10.2011 20:28
Interests:FRED!!!!!!!!!, streetdance, painting, clarinet playing, japan, pikachu, pokemon, sonic, hmv, fruit's basket, pepsi, acting Dislikes: hentai, chain mail, hackers, stealers, spammers you know what i mean...
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Favorites:55 (for user's images)

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manga girl
for pokemon1953's story
I Had An Aunt Called Katherine. She Was 54,And One Of My Best Aunts. This Month Shouldn't Just Be About Breast Canc...
Contest...Sort of! ;-)
CONTEST THAT?S NOT REALLY A CONTEST!!With no winners or losers! A contest with no prizes! YAY! Who could ever dare to dr...
Here's A Few Examples For, A) Blondie, Pink, Paramore. B)Mommy, Daddy,Nan, Grandad. C) Demi Lovato, Marilyn Monr...
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mr peanut
No description
No description
The fun with Lizzie J, Emiee and Alex :P
Freestyle drawing with Mrs Jhanwe (epic name) in Art. Emiee drew Amy Winehouse (singer in the UK) and Lizzie James drew ...
heh heh heh REGGIE!
No description
You Are So Beautiful
Couldn't resist colouring it in!
Wolf Lineart.
I didn't draw this, just colored it :D
I may not be innocent yet I may not be the devil....... I may not be clever yet I may not be stupid..... I may not be ...
My Intranet sucks :L
Entries: Ellymay:
My webcam makes the pictures teenie weenie :)
I still look pretty :)
No description
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