So many things i want to say to you i wish i could just scream
Quote:""LIfe is like a canvas. Be careful what you put on it.""
Signed:31.05.2010 16:36
Logged:21.05.2011 19:13
Interests:Drawing, Reading, Poetry, Writing, Song lyrics, Thinking, Anime, Manga, Abstract
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A Break Within The Dark
This is my first picture on sumopaint. I reallly like abstract and making abstract things so this is a lighthouse on a i...
What would it take for things to be quiet? Quiet like the snow?
Over Raging Water
The green and black sploch of color represents freedom and the water represents being captured and not having any freedo...
I Took Out My Heart and crushed it
A girl whose heart was broken is crushing her heart. She knows it won't heal anyway.
Depiction of a Wind Chime
This is a japanese wind chime.
The Damaged Eye
No description
Mysterious Arrival
A good old-fashioned fence in the middle of no-where. The bubbles...where did they come from?
A Trapped Wonderland
This is sort of a takeoff on Alice in Wonderland, but I added my own little twist. The teapot had the butterfly trapped ...
Shoe Philosophy
I've always had a passion for old worn-out shoes. So here is my appreciation for them. I made a sumo paint picture ...
Box Full of Sharp Objects
Don't stumble upon it. It will not fade away. It is impossible to forget it. The temptation always exists under you...
So Alone
I am so lonely and so sad
Steps Short of Brilliance
She always knew she was a good artist. But she was friends with THAT GIRL, the one everyone exalted. She took one look a...
Fading Dreams; Just Out of Reach
Her dreams of freedom and life and happiness were all quickly fading away...she could not reach them. She was so far stu...
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