Moving to a new acount called TheRoseTeam
Name:Tianna Belcher
Website:Visit user's website
Age:13 years
Quote:"i like pie"
Signed:29.05.2010 23:46
Logged:31.05.2012 00:50
Interests:warrior cats sonic linken park playing the drums drawing sleeping pokemon my teachers name is ms.brunn :3
Images:389 (public images)
Favorites:107 (for user's images)

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maria the hedgehog
No description
rose new and awesome fruit seedrian look
finnaly rose hot pink vines have grown into purple berrys tell me what you think of this fruit seedrian :3
rose saving spike for (rougethebat123)
rose- are you ok spike??????????????? spike-no.. rose- ill will you'se my healing power and give you some of my li...
Truffle's the kitten my cute and not evil kitteh
truffles and mittens fight alot but when it comes to another cat they fight
leafpaw and graypaw
No description
No description
zark the hedgehog
danger's and shadow's older brother i shall make more pictures of him :3 hope you like it
heres the story important read------Yesterday Max was outside...he heard a strange voice and it was Zark.. Max said what...
me and my brother
me:tiannna brother:lavon
No description
mistress rose
it's amy rose!!! :)
ends may 10 2011 Gassew- Super- Dark-
for rouge the bat 123
howler the wolf
For Howler who came in firast place for the contest
dark's lost sister.JPG
No description
star the seedrian part 1
when i was at my planet we were in atack so i was sent to earth in a pod i came out and fainted somone picked me up an...
star the seedrian p2
he asked me whats my name so i said star he said his name was nikee i couldn't remeber anything that happend....
star the seedrian p3
so i take a little walk in the clear forest i walk in a old house with a bunch of ghoast i was not scared as star took o...
amy rose.jpg
No description
blaze the cat
No description
amber's story part 1
amber was at the beach in the water and my floaty podped.....
sark and rose
a good couple :3
fire saving katty rose
No description
rose flying
No description
run >:D
No description
sophina dancing
No description
devil cat
No description
kell the dessert lynx
No description
me as a sayian
No description
Rose The Cyan Wisp
No description
windbreeze the warrior cat(wind clan)
first i decided to make her orange i said no so i made her dark grey she is crying because wildfire is with sunbreeze an...
a wolf stalking a horse
i painted it on ms paint and drew it on sumo paint. i dont care if u dont like it cause im proud of it. it's a preg...
No description
Role play time
No description
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