In a perfect world there would be no global warming, but a perfect world would not inclode humans for we are prone to make mistakes. But we are also prone to good when putten on the right path... somtimes I wish I coul fix or make a new layer of ozone above Antartica to save all the wonderfully beautiful animals there but then I rember I cant do somthing like that so I make shure Im doing evrything in my power to help them out... If only I could fix evrything for them... :(
Quote:""O_o..... Dun look at meh like that....""
Signed:29.05.2010 02:58
Logged:07.07.2010 18:51
Interests:Artwork of evry type!! I have another sumo account too, its Zimer.
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I love the color contrast to this.
Shadows Fell....
The wolves are always watching.... always...
Drawn In
*You feel a strange pull as if your being pulled into the eye...the window to the soul...
The Web Spinners Quilt
She spins the very strands of time and space together itself! Dare you tempt fate and cut a strand??
Spooter Productions
Producer: SPOOTER
Strange Rain for Summer
How odd... SNOWFLAKES???
Randome Splater!
A splater af plants, semitary, the sun and uits shune and the light blue sky to accompany them.
Zimer productions!
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