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Quote:"My mind is place where bishonen wear super tight mini-skirts and bondage pants(no shirts( ಠ _ಠ)), covered in whipped cream 24/7" "Who's gotta penis? They gotta 'em →"
Signed:28.05.2010 04:54
Logged:02.06.2012 03:52
Interests:Visual Kei| Japanese Rock| Korean Pop&Rock|Eastern Asian culture| I prefer drawing males| I am fluent in Slovak and English, learning Japanese and German
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In the name of justice
Wow.... This is something that's kind of old that I just finished today... I started it right after D's PV for...
Hello Mister Valentine
Finshed OTL I designed my own brush for hair, i like it ( > v >) wwwww I love drawing eyebrows, but I think I re...
Zai qi pian zhong deng dai
I started this a little while back... Some part of the hair bother me, I just couldn't fix them OTL his hair came o...
Butterfly Kiss
I've been drawing realism for about a year now, and the first realism drawing I made of a person was of Ruka(Nightm...
White room
I've been trying to improve skin although it's not like Mortaz, Jam, Aivelin, LaurenW24 or RaSeN(Oh how I love...
Cheesecake please?
The title isn't totally irrelevant... Yuji loves cheesecake.... Once again I can't find the cable to my scann...
File Size will make your computer explode! Yay.... wait... Noooo! Finally a scanner, my dad bought a new computer for w...
Finished! :D I'm I really like how this turned out for the most part, and I would <b> really rather have thi...
Is it wrong to make yourself birthday presents when you know that it'll be the only thing you actually get that isn...
OLD OLD OLD OLD!! I decided to finish some old things. :P For this one I lost the reference, but all I had to do it the...
REDONE art trade with Chibibree197
A while back we did an art trade, I didn't really like what I drew so I made a new version. ahaha I hate background...
Name: (THANK YOU LYDIA) Yuudai (coughsomeonehadahighexpectionasianfathercough) Male, tall(umm... like 200cm or somethin...
Happy birthday, Banana-sama!
Hapi burthsdae! C: Yay Engrish! Aaaaaaa I'm late XP I had midterms OTL Plus I'm slow. I did it pretty quickl...
Pretty Boy
ENHANCING A DOODLE OF SOME BISHONEN > HOMEWORK Still, the hot~ I mean cold hard coughdickcough truth I'm fairl...
Fake eyelashes
wifjowiefiowejoiweoifjewoi I just couldn't do this! Sorry it took a while and sorry it isn't the best, Bri! ...
Finished it up on a livestream~ :D It took a while and didn't urn out very good. I honestly BSed the clothing... ...
S t r a w b e r r y M a n
Some guy + strawberry colors= Strawberry Man Just playing around with the air brush tool on SAI + Wacom
Austin and Martin WIP
Yes, I enjoy this fa-goat-tree~ And Pokemon BW~ Fttt, the Ferris wheel in Nimbus City. I always imagine these two goin...
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