Thank you everyone for getting me over 200 favorites. I appreciate all your guy's comments. Keep 'em coming!
Quote:""A people that values its priveledges above its principles will soon lose both." -Dwight D. Eisenhower"
Signed:25.05.2010 00:22
Logged:09.11.2011 20:11
Interests:All my pictures are made in Sumo.
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Glowing Green
One more favorite to 20. Come on guys, just one mor PLEASE!
Cool Image
This is one of my favorite pictures.
Mr. and Ms. Pacman on a Date
This is one of my first pictures.
Spike Slice
No description
A Fading
No description
To The Light
No description
No description
Glowing Crystal World
My favorite picture because it looks so realistic.
Mr. and Ms. Pacman
They are finally together without getting chased by blobs.
Rainbow Random
No description
No description
Colorful Spike Pit
No description
Red Stars
No description
Icy Hot Meteor
No description
Tangled Mess
No description
Radiant Planet
No description
Rainbow Twist
No description
Glowing Peaceful
No description
Felt like drawing the fun and hard game Pacman.
Light Planet
No description
Ham Planet
No description
Circle Grids
No description
Different Worlds
I learned the basis of this picture and toyed with it.
Colorful View
No description
Parrellel Universes
No description
Aluminum Planet
New planet, looks alittle like a tin-foil planet.
Cool Swirling
No description
Planet in Water
No description
Olympic Rings
No description
No description
The Eye
No description
Black Hole
No description
No description
The Randomness
No description
I just felt like making a quick picture.
Fire and Ice.
I know itis not the best what so ever, but Anemiking gave me the idea of doing this. I would like to know your opinion o...
No description
Who doesn't like the symetry tool?
Planet In Mid-Day
No description
Neptune as aMarble
Practicing more with 3D things
No description
Circle Madness
No description
Radiation of a Planet
No description
Red and Mountainous
No description
Waves of Light
I thought is was fun to make eventhough its not the best I've made.
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