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Quote:"Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one; it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around and PLEASE don't try to shove it down my children's throats" --unknown"
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Interests:HETALIA!!!, Big Time Rush, FLASH FORWARD, hanging with my buds, texting, sleeping, eating, trying new things, singing obnoxiously to CLASSIC Disney songs, drawing funny pictures, acting insane and OOC, youtube, etc.
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The only thing I drew was the back ground. Horray for tracing! lol.
I HATE (Art) Thieves!
I absoultely, without a doubt, HATE thieves! I especially HATE art thieves! I hate it when people take someone elses wor...
Susiron onnoming her owl, Snape! :D Taken by Meh! at our schools Latin Club Induction! ehem. please pardon the re...
I really, really like how this turned out!
Muffin Man
It's true. I do like muffins.
Pudding Girl
Because who doesn't like pudding?
Mission Impossible 2
They just keep failing and failing... Rick and Jim crawling through the airvents, while Tony is left to wonder how th...
French Fry Girl
It's so true! I love fries!
Don't Hate On Jim!
My OC, Jim, thinkin he's all THAT! Oh Jim. we don't hate u! We love u! And even if we did hate u, it wou...
Run, Packman, Run!!!
I love Pacman, so I decided to draw this!
Mission Impossible
All this yelling is going to get them caught. This is what happens when I listen to the Mission Impossible theme on ...
It's STILL frickin HOT!!!
American East Coast (where I live) + extreme heatwave (that WON'T go away!!!) = AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!! ...
A Squirrel (for Katiedalyxxx)
Here's ur squirrel... err, my failed attempt at drawing a squirrel! XP Anyway, I hope u like it!
. . . no comment . . .
Another Tennis Ball
just as the title says.
Mission Impossible 10
Operation: Teen Gurl Squad! *facepalm* Here we go again. . . The guys finally got out of prison, go figure XP, and...
Stick Figure Dance Party!!!
just as the title says! :D Some random peoplez and my OCs (from "Mission Impossible") all havin a dandy tim...
Fact of Life #1
lol. math humor. (But, it's totally true!)
Hershey's Chocolate Bar
A bad drawing of a Hershey bar. :3 Hershey is one of my favorute candys. What's yours?
Mission Impossible 6
They were free. They got into prison. They got out of prision.... and now they're BACK. Tony's fed up! Hey,...
Chicken Boi (requested by -julia-)
Let me just say... who DOESN'T love chicken??? I certainly do! XP
Moar Mochi's!
More Hetalia mochi's!!! I love drawing these guys SO much! :D in order left to right: top: America x England ...
I drew this back when I was a Narutard. I think this one could have turned out better, but I still really like it!
Omg, Hiei!
This is the first anime drawing I ever did. I think it turned out pretty good!
Just a random OC I drew... yup.
Bijou from Hamtaro. I traced this picture, just so ya'll know. my drawing skills aren't THAT great. lol. NOT A...
A Positive Message... From A Tree???
Trees have feelings too! (lol. I was bored in sociology a few days ago and this is the result!)
A Message For My Chem 1 Teacher!
Everyday, I would write this on the board for my chem teacher. This was like my catch phrase for the class! Susiron will...
Fruit Girl
Because who doesn't love a good fruit salad?
My favorite ghost from the pacman games, Pinky!!
Clyde!! As my brother said, Clyde throws off the rhyming. Ghosts: Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde.
Don't Stop the Music!
I love music and my ipod was sitting right infront of me so, I decided to draw a picture of it! What's ur favori...
me + facepalming = WTF?? and this drawing! lol.
Kool-Aid Man
My (horrible) attempt to draw the Kool-aid man/drink/guy.... yea. Anyway, this image was inspired by my liking of Kool-A...
Mission Impossible 3
Now, when did THEY get caught by the cops! It's a miracle they didn't get caught before! Rick, Jim and T...
Don't you just HATE it when you have NO FLIPPIN IDEA what to draw? I DO!
It's HOT!!!
So, on the American East Coast (where I live) there has been a recent heat wave, with temperature's over 100 degree...
Mission Impossible 4
Next Assignment: Get the HECK outta prison. Although knowing these guys, they won't escape without a bang... lit...
Strawberry Girl
Because Strawberries are totally awesome... and they remind me of Ichigo!
Mission Impossible 5
These guys will never learn. Even though they have the cover of darkness... they can't stop arguing! Prision Br...
Hearts (For Susiron!)
SInce my good friend, Susiron, is feeling bad, I drew her a picture of my OCs Rick, Jim and Tony (see the "Mission ...
Mission Impossible 7
So, after getting out of prison on good behavior (shocker right?), Rick, Jim and Tony are trying to rob people now. They...
I'm A Banana.... Sort of (For Gimmick)
My OC, Jim, is attempting to disguise himself for his latest ploy and failing miserably. U can even see his hand and foo...
Mission Impossible 8
Today's Mission: Survive jumping off of a building. Jim got into the drugs again and now he thinks he's sup...
Fading Away...
One of my OC's, Faye, fading away into nothingness... why? Don't ask me because even I don't know!
Cow Spots!
I love cows so I thought I'd draw this!
A Cupcake and A Rose.... Together At Last????
For Evangeline's contest! Hope ya like it! ^^
Falling Building Alert!
My poor little stick figure running away from a very colorful building. Run, little guy, run!
Pigtails Gurl!
Just a little something I did in sumopaint!
Jim's A . . . Super Gurl????
My OC, Jim, onstage preforming . . . Super Girl??? Someone help him . . . please! Idk who sings "Super Girl&q...
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