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Me in headphones
i drew the hair, eyes, shirt, and the volume thing in the corner, and the rest was a base
cat girl
so sexy eatin chocolate ;) lol i was listenin 2 Dirty Picture by taio Cruz ft Kesha wen i drew this, lmfao
Scene girl
i luv scenes. if sum1 looks lik this, U R AWSOME!!!! her shirt says Paramore, 3OH3!, and BVB (Black Veil Brides) (used...
the base i used: Cori is me! :D Edie is l...
Hand heart
No description
Teddy and Summer
base: lol this is 4 my friend summer. sum and teddy in our old Eng...
emo girl
im really happy with how this turned out :) i wish the hair would stand out better though
so sleepy....
Hold me
"hold me and dont ever let me go" red couch T3T a bad couch, i got lazy at the end so it looks the way it l...
Ciel is a super cute dress! XD
he looks so cute! im so proud of my self :D i cant believe i drew a dress this good! the eye is a little messed up thou...
Me and my ex
ahh... the wonderful feelings i feel for him base by auradeux
drawn by Paige on NDA, colored by me on SP 1.0
dress design
heres my remix of Megan10708's dress. i hope u lik it megan!
All alone
drawn on NDA, edited in SP 1.0
No description
Surprize kiss
shes fightin with her friend and then he says sumthin bout her and her ex, she gets and angry and swings her arm to slap...
Crying my heart out
base: trying to 4get wat u hav done to me bu...
comin back from ballet
a girl comin back from her ballet class.
snowy death
she had come back home after visiting her friend. it was late, but sat down to watch a little tv. she took off her shoes...
Tokidoki unicorn
No description
what have i become?
what have i become?
Star Girl for Patty123
i hope you like it! srry it took so long, i hav finals starting 2marrow and ive been studying
Summer luv
lol, she tackled him base:
La di da
this is bad, i no base:
colorful dots
No description
Wer falling
Alissa is sayin "so...heavy..." Brook is sayin "dear Lord!" Kendall is yelling "PULL!!!!"...
Rukia and Ichigo's dirty sock
Ichigo is shovin his dirty sock in Rukia's face for drawin a crapy picture! >:D but shes so gunna hit him after ...
hatsu means plum in japanese 1 of my OC's
hand heart
my hands making a heart....doesnt really look lik 1 though :/
Sister hate
red is lik ther clan's color :P idk im pretty sure tht comic nook shock thing ruined it (base was used)
i like standing in the rain because no one knows im crying
it was suposed to be a torn note that said I like standing in the rain because no one knows I'm crying. and then al...
GIR flying on pig!!!!!! XD
i luv GIR!!!!!!! XD omg, i just relized i 4got 2 draw the pigs front right leg!!!
Inside outside
im happy on the outside... but im falling apart on the inside... its how im feeling rite now :/
black hole
a black hole with blue stuff around it. it reminds me of Kakashi's jutsu when he sucks in Deidara's arm.
Leave broken heart
im tyard of feeling sad and alone, leave me alone u stupid broken heart!
a girl with curly hair
color splats
No description
dark water
just an experiment, it reminds me of camo
^_^ rainbow!
YAY!!!! MY ART BLOCK IS LEAVING!!!! XD so heres my OC Sunshine in human form (shes a 3 tailed fox) shes been cut :O i...
My drawing of Chez
Chez(c)skaterdragon11 drawn on NDA
OC megan
this is my OC Megan. i think the name fits her perfectly for some reason lol. i hav 2 friends named Megan, soooo shes no...
A Family
the daughter is an awsome mix of her parents! >:3 the black in her hair is natural base: http://browse.deviantart...
i got bored
kendall, kirsten, and me
base: wer leaving our locker area. yes, i no, the door and fenc...
"i dont love u" he says "i love him" she says "ur imature" he says "i hate u"...
im really happy with how the eye and hair turned out! :D she looked lik an Emily 2 me, lol.
i need more Pocky....
i tryed drawin a chibi scene me, i would luv 2 look lik tht wen im older, sept the peirceings! im a chicken at tht! anyw...
heres my angel!!! i think her face is showing to much, but im used to the hair covering a little of the eye/s, so its p...
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