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Name:Kameli Aya
Website:Visit user's website
Age:14 years
Quote:"Always believe in yourself, your loved ones, and have faith in everything you want to accomplish. -Kameli :)"
Signed:20.05.2010 04:57
Logged:24.05.2012 23:18
Interests:Swimming Olympics (my mother thinks I will win cuz of all the contests I've won), Drawing your requests, Drawing more of what I love (abstract/symetry), Playing the piano 'till I die, and same to the other instruments I play. :)
Images:710 (public images)
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No description
No description
my bunny
dont steal my carrot
You can imagine the under water colorful like this
Scary eyes
Eyse to everyone seem okay but in some diffrent ways they are threatinning
No description
colorful sun
You can express your feelings by showing it in art your way.
an orb from the sea
an orb i got it off of mew mew power i like it but i cannot get episode 27 or higher in elish dub :(
Girls in love
a girl with a crush >< (gross face)
Edwardplz hep me this is Bella remember your girlfriend. hurry !!!!
cats love swirly things like my cat pishi
A tie-dyed monkey2
No description
Blue Eye
The eye is always the main beauty of light
road trip to colors
No description
Smilie Face
No description
broken heart
No description
I am a lazy, but colorful bunny! This drawing is dedicated to:
She sent a request for something cute. Here it is!
Grapes, Lavender, Purfume, Flowers,
These colors represent (title)
Twilight Zone
Sometimes you feel alone in the twilight zone.
Eye of Lashes
Your lashes are alwyas curly even if you put mascara on girls
Multi hand flower
so many things in one small thing makes it almos impossibale to believe when it is right infront of ur face
dark vs light
dark is within me this very second
this is for sumolover2's contest
theme: sunny day on a beach alone
+hands like Crystals Coming at You!
ZigZags with colors
I made some lines uneven on purpose.
A wolf howling at the moon for: Wolfmoon
It is not what you had expected huh wolf moon. it is black and white. P.S. I am not that great of an draw but and abstra...
an ill look liqiud
No description
My Little Son
sometimes if you are a mom or an older sister of a younger brother you are always annoyed sometimes am i right or am i r...
Sea Hurricane
Your brain can fill up and then go crazy that can happen underwater if u let it out over there
something on fire that is not possibale but it it
there can be things in life which seem exactly the same
cat bein bossed
u r always bein bossed by someone other than ur parent
kitty in da dark
something in the dark can be scary when ur not noticing
illusion part1
i have more illusions to show u guys
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
i just luv Diary of a Wimpy Kid becuse i think it is funny and i like funny movies and books th rest not so much
a cruel world of mine
no one is nice than Ellee, Thecreeper and some others. one of my friends are not comin back to my school. she was my onl...
angry pale girl
i hate it when i look pale
a whole lot of ppl bumping into eachother
boyfriend girlfriend
tht person sayin i always win is a guy with long hair ive seen him on anime show with my friend back some years ago
weird love
somone likes u and u dont know keep ur distance
the heart
The heart is a very powerful thing in this world. (btw i drew this on my hand lastnight and i drew it here on my hand it...
No description
Road trip
goin to a place near and sort of on pyramids and a deserts
No description
No description
bam bam boom boom
No description
colors grey and lime
No description
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