i am trying every possible way to avoid my essay right now
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Piplup Card
Drawing from a new Pokemon card I got.The water was hard to paint!
Pknm of the day over at . A character I made a longggggggg time ago. Ohh opps it's nam...
Umm no lol
Eww I never liked my art in this style;; Came out that way because of the thin lines. D: I think I'll just stick w...
had to redraw the tail about 8 times because it kept on looking like a spaceship.
Made on Sumopaint. (: Pascal belongs to Disney.
Come back to me SAI
Ok so I have artwork that I owe someone.. but right when I FINALLY get the motivations/ideas SAI spazzes out on me. So I...
a Pikachu : )
Pokemon Poohyena
Finished, though his eyes look kinda weird.....
Water Drain
I love classic music stations. btw I wish there was a tool for this
A request of a pokemon, for Makino289. I really like the method I used to sketch this... Think I'm going to use thi...
Yo I just noticed that I didn't color the back paws and I saved the SAI file wrong and can't fix it WHY WORLD ...
Happy Birthdayyyy!
for floweriet. :D Her character Marcelle~ I'm starting to like drawing your characters more then my own haha. A...
Leafpool , medicine cat
From the series Warriors.
....(no comment) 8D
Pokemon #335 Zangoose
My fave. Pokemon!!
Pokemon #261 Poochyena
Took FOREVER on the grass!! Yay, Poochyena is done!
hey bby
I've been getting into romance stories lately... owo Dang, my dad made me watch the beginning of final destinati...
Guilmon Digimon : )
from a comic book i was reading, and the TV show!!
Professor Layton Copics
Claire, Luke, and Hershel. I didn't like how the Flora and Legal ones came out so I didn't include them. ~.~
Hawkmon (digimon)
Hawkmon from the 2nd season of digimon : )
*Quickdraw*... He always reminds me of snow :3
All You Need Is Love
Yup drew this in MS paint, gosh I love that program. I drew this a couple of weeks ago. EDIT:// Ohh my gosh the legs,...
Ughh realistic attempt at clouds kinda failed.. D: Hmm I need to work much harder at that. This is the pokemon Alteria i...
I'm really running out of background ideas;;
No Way
I TRIED DRAWING SPARKLES, I TRIED. It didn't turn out lol These colors remind me of Barbie.
This was suposed to be a Digimon fakemon for myself but it turned out as a halloween sona. You can obviously tell that I...
Puzzles everywhere. I GOT PROFESSOR LAYTON GAMES YOU GUYSS!! ;u; Oh man so much fun~ Sorry I can't draw a decent ...
'Request' for floweriet. (: Oh gosh sorry about the sloppiness, I seriously cannot draw well in photoshop orz...
Merry Christmas!
I tried to experiment with this picture but it didn't really come out the way planned haha. Merry Christmas! and th...
Contest entry for silverfox22 .... YES I don't have much homework t...
Maroon Flight
Request for Nycboy210. This was so much fun to experiment with omg. EDIT:// Please full view, looks MUCH better. x...
yo quiero una fiesta
EDIT:// I was an idiot and forgot to color the black on the beak. sorry if this comes up in your inbox more than once. D...
oh look another sketch dump
a bunch of this is from last year, atleast I think so. mostly fandom stuff, like always.
Sketch from a few days ago that I decided to color since there's nothing better to do. jeeze it's really qui...
I'm Back! =}
Hey Guys!~ Ughh I'm so sorry I left.. I wanted to get better and be able to draw something OTHER than Pokemon LOL. ...
Ohh crap I forgot the markings fff. Anyways the new pokemon. Made on SSO.
eeek sorry for the blood again. I'll try to stop that. THINK OF IT AS PAINT. c:
! :) The only INTERESTING card I got the other day. For some reason every time I draw Aipoms I think of gold lol. I got ...
Sports Bar
oh ok done now, just felt like drawing something for myself. Now I need to start on my project for the art project. D: /...
Soda Pop
<i>Open a soda pop, watch it fiz and pop. The clock is ticking and we can't stop~</i> ...Old Britney...
Bella Request
This is Bella the chow chow for Lovebug093042. oh my goodness so many cute animal pictures today, it makes me so happy...
Shake Up The Happiness
<a href=""> Shake up Christmas- Train</a> I've wan...
Smells Good
I draw big. full view = much better.
Pokemon #491 Darkrai
Done!! Took me all day : )
Giratina "Request"
Somewht a request of Bruni =3. DO NOT STEAL!!!
Banjo Kazooie
This game is the greatest of all games in the universeee <3 Drawn on MS paint. Ohh and the "Ocean Remedy&qu...
Bull Fight
Yes, this is a Tauros. Having a small obsession with pokemon atm. OHH AND THAT IS NOT SNOT COMING OUT OF HIS NOSE. It�...
yes this is a Zangoose. Close your eyes if this is too much for you lol
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