Age:15 years
Quote:"Art is A GREAT FAME AND TELANT! sO Fame Is For Art and Art Is For Fame!"
Signed:07.05.2010 14:20
Logged:03.06.2010 21:27
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Cube Of Destrucion
No description
Color Bored
No description
Reflac Ninja Blade
No description
Red Blur
No description
Music Boom Box
Star Cylender
No description
Robo Boy Cylender
No description
Ninja Bord
It's Ninja Time!
The Glowing Trion
Rooms filled with the Trion is Bewar!
The Creeps Are Rising
Bright colors is indeede right!
Dark Tunnle Glow
The way i look at it, its spooooookky!
Cave Of Darkness
Darkness is spookiness.
Ninja Wall
I was thinking about Chinies Ninjas when i created this.
Electro Ball
Contrals University Powers!
Space City
Cities in space. Fonomanal!
Star Glow
Night Night Time!
The Glowing Feild Of Crystles
This Is The Crystle Feild!
The Universal Cube
This Cube Contrals The Universe.
2ast 2 Furious movie poster
If you love the poster, You'll love the movie.
Double It
No description
Red Forest Cube
Known as the forest of darkness.
xXxmovie poster
No description
Light Forest{2}
Pace Marble_Dice
very bright!
The Egyption Sphere
Egypt gave me th idea! {)
Comet universe
It's flaring!
The Egyption Wall.
carved to profection.(actally it was desighned.):()
No description
Glowing Fur Ball
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