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He got bandaged. Is he blushing? I think he likes you! He wants to repay you, but what ever you ask, be gentle, he is st...
Dales first meeting
It is still unfinished but I think he still looks kinda cute.
They caught Dale again, this time for revenge...
Are you alright!? Don't worry I'll carry you!
This is after Sita jumps and ends up hurting her tailbone, Krose volunteared to carry her.
There is a bullet in his right shoulder his lower right arm is broken, he has a dangerous gash in his head and upper lef...
4 U!
Pathen wanted to give you a present so........
Will you B my friend?
Ok, from the top left the the top right: Harina, Seth, Kyori, Jase, Clair, Nick, Ari, Zora, Dale, and Dalen. From the bo...
Kane, the mount of dragonslayer Nick
This is Nick's dragon mount Kane.
Sleepy Dale.
Dale got a fever so I sent him up to bed.
Krose got out...
Krose! Stay away from him!
Special delivery! One Krose!
Krose is all wrapped up 4 U!
This is Pathen and his mother wolf, this is from before his mother wolf was killed and he taken from her. Awww. So sweet...
Kroses dream (his prespective): Blood, everywhere. I couldn't stop. I had to stop. I couldn't hurt them! Kro...
It's OK, I've got you.
It's OK Dale, I'm here, I've got you. Rest now, when you wake up everything will be alright. Just sleep, ...
Starlight: *sleeping near the door on the front porch*
Dale and Krose
For thos who like vampires, one has "joined" the Ringmaster. (It is OK if you dont know who that is, he is a b...
We meet nick on Dragon Roost Island.
BFFs sock party!
These are all the good guys in the story so far together having a sock party! (?????) Hope U like!
Resist Krose!
Krose has seen human blood, hurry get him outta here!
(This is before the Ringmaster and Krose join the good guys) Dale! He is in incredible pain, how can we stop it!?
Look out Yumi! A bunny!
Please lell me that I am not the only one laughing.
The gate to the castle
This is the gate to the castle of the ice realm.
Ready to have some fun cutie?
I'm gonna let you use your imagination to come up with what happens next.
Close 4 comfort
Krose saw blood and was no longer in control, I wasn't his fault, and all of us know it. Krose is being pretty ...
AAWWWWWWWWWWWW! He wants 2 share!
Past his bed time.
Pathen: *Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
Sita's revenge
It hurts....
No description
Zanders bed
(big cat in top left-hand corner) Cow: *cat snoring loudly* (small cat in top left-hand corner) Oreo: *also cat snoring...
Dale and the black serpent
The black serpent is the single most poisonous snake is the world, as part of a circus act the black serpent is unleashe...
Dale fell out of the old cherry tree and nocked over a bucket of water while he was at it. Do you wanna help he dry him ...
We cant loose him, not Dale...
Dale has been hospitalized. (at home) The bite of The Black Serpent may prove to much for his now frail body. His body i...
Dale: I will not fight. Ringleader: Do it. Dale: No. Ringleader: *Climbs down from stand and whips Dale across the ba...
That explains A LOT! It turns out that The Ringleader is a fallen angel. His name is Durin, Dales long lost brother!
Black Dream
My dragon mount Black Dream. The moment I confronted him at the dragon roost I knew he was mine, and I was his.
Dale! He wont last much longer!
Dale's, or any angels pain is her life force, she can easily control any angel, even force them to become falle...
No description
I can't swim!
I dunno how to swim! (This is at Sarafena's pool.)
Pathen is bored.
Pathen: *bored*
Oh Kroooooooooooooooooooose!
I don't think Krose minds being a merman now........
Krose! What are you doing!?
**In the middle of the night Krose wakes up to a horribly familiar face, and a needle in his shoulder, minutes later, he...
Krose: *wakes up finding himself in Nara's bedroom* Nara: *shoves Krose onto her bed forcing her lips on his* Kr...
Shawe pwease!
XD Who knew Krose could be so chibi adorable!? Sita looks............dangerous....................... Krose: *touche...
It hurts to loose someone you love..... (Part 1)
Sita: *wakes up* Flighta: SITA! *hugs Sita* SITA YOUR ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sita: Whats goin' on? Wheres Krose? Fligh...
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