got a hair dye kit for b day
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Age:19 years
Quote:"have fun while your still alive"
Signed:30.04.2010 15:47
Logged:14.10.2010 03:38
Interests:drawing, love, fun, and sort of the goth style
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Ya i know i am ugly i am only putting this on for a short time so kwicdraw can draw me...
cool eh?
Lighting or Crystalizing
A simple light is all you need....
Colliding With DOOM...
I love to make disorted pictures.. its much fun eh?
Shades of Heaven
Just a little something random i made, hope you like it.... Thanks
A Shining
A glorious shining from above, from all we know...It is the unfound.
Faceless Contest!!!!!!!
contest, please join
World of Demension
The captain anounces we are now entering darkness, there for be prepared...
Dance Time
Not mine this is a remix!!!
When I Remember
If you could show your thoughts imagine i imagened and this is what i came up with
Neon Spider Web
If this is the web imagine what the spider looks like... YIKES
Halo from above...
Burning Sunshine
Sometimes to much sun isn't good...
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just shades...
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