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Signed:16.07.2008 15:15
Logged:31.07.2012 13:19
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News - Bump Map Filter
This is a news pic for the Bump Map filter update. The Bump Map Filter is located at the main menubar in the upper ar...
News - Linear Blur Update
<b>New Linear Blur Filter added to Sumo Paint!</b> We just updated Sumo Paint with a new revolutionary fe...
Features - Radial Blur (filter)
We took the functionality of Sumo Paint's Zoom Blur, Spin Blur and Spiral Zoom Blur filters and combined all the ma...
News - Ribbon Spline Brush Tool Coming Soon!
<b>Wow, there are some pretty awesome stuff happening on Sumo Paint!</b> We are really excited to presen...
Happy Sumo
Remix our Sumo!
Sumo Paint To Support Pressure Sensitivity
We have had a lot of request for adding pressure sensitivity for Sumo Paint. The wait is over, now you can download Sumo...
News - Sumo Paint Update (2010/05/10)
It's been a busy week for Sumo since the last news update! We have been working on improvements and bug fixes for S...
The Sumo Logo
The logo is in a transparent layer and the size is 2000x2000px. Remixing allowed!
News Pic - Alpha Channel Transparency support
News pic for the Alpha Channel Transparency update
News pic - Handprint, footprint and splatter brushes
News pic for handprint, footprint and splatter brushes
News - Radial Blur Filter Update
Looks great, how can I use the tool? 1) Open "Filters" from the main menu bar 2) Go to the "Blur"...
Features - Tunnelize & Polar Coordinates
You can create Polar Coordinates, Tunnelize and many other great effects directly in the Cylinder Designer filter. Th...
No description
Sumo, a fox and the sunrise
Working with Layers and Layer Effects -tutorial
Mr. Sumo
Another version of our Mr. Sumo for everyone to remix! Image size is 700 x 1000 px.
News - Cube Designer Filter Update
This is a news pic for the Cube Designer filter update. The Cube Designer Filter is located at the main menubar in th...
Features - Linear Blur (filter)
<B>Linear Blur (filter)</b> The basic function of the effect is to blur the image. But in the Linear Blur...
News - Dodge, Burn & Saturate tool update
We just updated the Sumo Paint application with new and completely redesigned palette of great tools! The new tools ...
Sumo Gradient Color
This is where the colors of Sumo's gradients comes from
News - 3d Brushes
News pic for 3d brushes
Sumo Remix
Sumo Expressions
News - Cylindrical Mapping
News pic for Cylindrical Mapping
News - Gradient Map Adjustment
The Gradient Map is an all-around tool packed with interesting features which can take you to new heights in your photo ...
14. Symmetry Tool
With the legendary symmetry tool and its multiple properties you can create beautiful symmetrical creations. Experiment ...
23. Selection Modify
The select menu has the following selection modifying tools: border, feather, expand and contract. The selection can be ...
11. Gravity
Gravity option smoothes the drawn line to curves, making it easy to create abstract and beautiful artwork. The option is...
News - Sumo Paint Partner
We are proud to announce that today, we have launched <a href="../partner">Sumo Paint Partner.</a>...
01. Layers with blending modes
SUMO Paint has advanced support for layers. The layers support these features: Opacity, Blend mode, Hide, Duplicate, Rot...
Feature - Sphere Designer Filter
This function is located at the main menubar in the upper area of the Sumo Paint application. To use this filter click F...
Features - Perspective Tiling Filter
This function is located at the main menubar in the upper area of the Sumo Paint application. To use this filter cli...
Features - Dithered Poster Filter
This function is located at the main menubar in the upper area of the Sumo Paint application. To use this filter click F...
News - Community Update
This is a news pic for the community update.
No description
18. Smudge Tool
Sumopaint smudge tool has a big selection of brushes and a possibility to use the following blending modes: Normal, Ligh...
20. Line Tool
The Sumopaint line tool supports shape trails and shape effects options.
Sumo Remix
Remix Sumo Expressions
03. Shape Tools
Sumopaint has a wide selection of unique shape tools. All the Shape tools supports Shape Trails and Shape Effects proper...
Dragging images to SUMO Paint app
You can open any image in SUMO Paint app by dragging and dropping it to the SUMO Paint image.
02. Layer Effects
Sumopaints layer effects remain editable after saving to Sumo account. Currently Sumopaint has the following layer effec...
News - Animated Brushes
News pic for animated brushes
News pic - Spiral Gradient
NOTE: There is a bug in the older versions of Flash Player 10, which causes the browser to crash while using this tool. ...
Features - Reflection Filter
This function is located at the main menubar in the upper area of the Sumo Paint application. To use this filter cli...
Sumo Paint News - Rotating Brushes Update
There has been a lot of requests for the possibility to rotate the brushes. So here it is, we just updated the brush edi...
News - Community Updates 2010/04/22
We've been hard at work here at Sumo HQ creating new features and updates to the Sumo community. Thanks for all the...
12. Custom Shape Tool
The Sumopaint custom shape tool lets you draw your own custom shapes and fills the shape when the mouse button is releas...
13. Shape Trails
Shape trails option creates ghost trails for the shape given, creating an interesting and cool effect. Experiment with o...
04. Brush Tool
Sumopaint offers a wide selection of brushes for digital painters and tablet fanatics. The Brush tools options bar has ...
Support for Cool Iris 3D Gallery
Sumopaint has a support for the Cool Iris browser plugin. To enable Cool Iris, just surf to users profile page (username...
Sumo Paint
No description
Sumo Paper
No description
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