I suck at titles. Don't judge.
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Quote:"Live for the good times and forget the bad, but always remember the lessons you've learned."
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Interests:Drawing, dancing, music, writing, spending countless hours doing nothing productive.
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For Inkfeather's contest. I drew it then painted over it with GIMP + mouse. And then went a little color cra...
Pink Shades
This is the pink version of "Blue Shades," requested by my little sister. I had fun with that one so I did thi...
Geometrics Geometry Teacher Style
Another version of "..." for my geometry teacher because I felt like it.
It's the same girl from my other picture, but I like this one much much better. My style of drawing is much differe...
Experimenting with pop art. This is what happens at 1 AM when I can't sleep. The whale's from a plastic purple...
Blue Shades
Same day as "Miley: Pop Art" was uploaded, so I was still sick, and I had a LOT of free time. I did this one f...
My First Anime
Yes, no lie, it is my first anime. It's all hand drawn, and though I was working out of a book, I didn't trace...
My latest. I made it darker than it was because of the flash from my camera, but I'm not entirely sure what the gra...
Mrs. Pac-Man
Mrs. Pac-Man and Sue. Sue's the orange ghost's name in the Mrs. Pac-Man version of the game instead of Clyde.
This was out of sheer boredom. Also a request from my art teacher. She gave me a pack of crayons and loose leaf paper an...
Mario Bros. world 1 level 2 Warp Zone. Imagine how Mario feels...
Paper Airplanes
Inspired by the "Sky Sailing" cover. I did say hog wild.
Fly With Me
Another picture I drew for a friend for Christmas along with "Geometrics" They had no general purpose otherwi...
Bannedstory Character Sketchpad Sketch
A character I made with Bannedstory that I drew on my phone. ... at least the hair, eyes, and feather in her hair. The ...
Super Jazz Brothers
For electrog64's contest. Took me quite a few tries (and a lot of paper) to get them to look right. Drawn with p...
Messing around with flame painter with my friend. This is his. This is mine:
Well, I got bored in school, so I went on SumoPaint. Unfortunately, my computer teacher caught me. So, I had to explain ...
Getting Ready for the Dance
A dancer getting ready for a recital (no, not me, though I do dance). <b> Edit: </b> I used the Equalize...
Every Which Way
No description
I went pretty hog wild with the sketchpad pictures.
Spaced Out
I am in love with sketchpad. It's official.
ink heart
Lazy work
Hey there, sexy.
Whomp in Super Mario 64, strutting his stuff. Whomp +Super Mario 64 (c) Nintendo 4/6/2011: "Gotta get me some o...
Make a Wish
Gavyn with her hands crossed over her chest. I hate how the sweatshirt hood and hands came out. It took over three days ...
The Spiders Love Our Music
It's true; there are always spiders down in the band room and in the practice rooms. They're just chillin'...
He's a new pilot, (not exactly modern day), with the ironic name Jett. This is the edit because I messed up the ori...
The Original
The original lineart for Jett. I messed up a few times because it was in pen. Here's "Jett": http://www....
Spider Girl
For Artgirl198712&#039;s Marvel Superheroes contest: A less popular he...
Made testing out Flame Painter. Lazy work.
Miley: Pop Art
I was home sick, completely bored out of my mind, so I did this. This is my dog, Miley, sitting in our old recliner chai...
To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what this is. I took it in Disney, though. It might've been on the "It...
This is what happens when you get bored at Great Wolf Lodge and you find a free computer in the gr8_space room. Just mes...
Art Theft (Original by Shmoolover165)
THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER! links that i mentioned in this picture:;defl=...
a part of a picture done on iscribble.
Mario Paint
Made this and took a picture off the TV screen. Mario Paint is copyright of Nintendo, I don't own anything of it.
Fishy 2
Hog wildness. This started it all; I got obsessed with drawing the fish.
Pears: I Like Fruit
I don't have some strange obsession with fruit, I just got REALLY Bored. Sketchpad-mania-deja-vu.
Apples Are Red, Blueberries Are Blue
very corny title, Yes. Sketchpad
Petals in the Wind
No description
Skeleton Key
we were watching some really creepy movie that I think was called "The Skeleton Key" or something of that gene...
Sammy the Band Buddie
As deemed by my friends. Drawn on sketch pad on my phone.
I don't own the outline for the dandelion. It's from the video from Google for John Lennon's birthday. ...
I did this in CADD9 class, rather than working on our house models. Done in MS Paint.
Light Tricks
Trying to take pictures at the Never Shout Never Harmony Tour '10 concert, but we got pushed. This is the result.
Christopher Drew
THE best picture I got of him the whole concert. The rest were blurrier or shaky.
Birthday Flowers
The picture I drew for my mom's birthday, finally uploaded after 3 months. Colored pencil and Mixed-Media paper.
Satelite Fail 1
A section of the TV during a snowstorm.
Satelite Fail 2
Another section of the TV during a snowstorm.
A picture I drew for a friend for Christmas along with "Bullseye" No general purpose or special meaning. C...
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