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Creating...Surrendering...Living and Loving All Ways
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Quote:""...and your earth moves beneath your own dream landscape...""
Signed:26.04.2010 09:55
Logged:20.08.2013 10:11
Interests:Desiring God, Divine Love and Her Will for my Soul
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Crate of Rainballs
No description
Mercury in Retrograde
No description
Exploding Stars 3.jpg
No description
Rainbow Vortex
No description
Balanced Jellyfish
No description
K Waterfall.jpg
No description
Saw this in my meditation today, it came out very similar to the vision I had...very tranquil surrounded by warm colors ...
Controlled Chaos
No description
Universe star 2.jpg
No description
Summer of LOVE.JPG
for Laura and J.J.
No description
Transport via Sunset
No description
No description
Welcome 2011
Welcome to a year of revealing transformations for everyone. Many blessings exploring your journey, whether challenging ...
Shine On
Well we all Shine the moon and the stars and the sun...
Second title is PATIENCE! Only crashed the app about 20 times trying to get the effects on the rocks just right. Open i...
Lantern River.jpg
No description
Goddess Museum.jpg
This one is inspired by the memory of my little sister as I am missing her today...I know she's engulfed in the lov...
No description
My interpretation in the moment with a modern twist...the real Jacob's Ladder in Egypt is much more impressive in p...
Beep Beep
All Sumo
No description
No description
Uh Oh, I remixed this but I don't remember from whom. If anyone knows who the original artist is, please let me kno...
Pathway to Wonder.jpg
No description
No description
"My Precious"
No description
Coming Home
No description
I'm a Little Teapot Sh...wait ~ OMG ~ I'm a Spider!!!
Have fun remixing this one if you want!
Amygdala Healing
No description
Untitled Too
No description
No description
Elemental Bouquet.JPG
for Christy and Chad
No description
Harvest Moon.jpg
No description
Sulphuric Veins
Ist pic with Gimp with a little bump from Sumo
No description
No description
Winter Eggs
No description
No description
Flowing Water
For Carol O 1-2-12
Platinum Sound Waves
Alchemizing Platinum is harder than it looks! Still practicing...
No description
Galactic Capitaness.jpg
Open in full view and try standing up and looking at this one from above, then below and from the sides to appreciate th...
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