Does any1 like Justin Bieber????
Residence:my pc!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote:"Always look on the bright side of things!"
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Interests:being random, (If u havent noticed!!!) art, soccer, reading, animals, making bracletes and having fun with my friends!
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NOT for sale pups
poor puppies!!!:(:(:( they forgot to hide the red marker!!!!:(:(:(
This is my bird Kiwi,i also have a new bird named blueberry.(As seen in my other bird pic.)
Taylor Swift is awsome!!!!
my favorite song by Taylor Swift is "LOVE STORY" !!!!!
Rainbow Showers
I made a rainbow thingy then I used the perspective tiling tool and now it looks like rainbow rain so yea.........=)
cocoa milkshake
super bad and weird milkshake for milkshake contest!!! totally not gonna win!!!!!!:O
this is my other bird Blueberry (pic painted over)
Lou-Lou the Bunny
An adorable bunny (painted -over but own colors and hair ties added)
remix me!
This is from Google,feel free to color it =)
Rainbow glitter
No description
the bright side
if your fealin down read this advice!!!!!:):)
I would like to dedicate this to my best friend in the universe,Shivali!!
cute twins
me and my friend Erica made this together isent it cute?????
puppy faces
i painted over everything with green except the pups faces then i painted brown and white on thier faces! isent it cute?...
"Im not shy!"
I colored it but dident draw it,u can remix the uncolored version if u want! PS I picked the name because I think she l...
this is my fav fruit!!!! so shiney and red!!!!
rainbow tunnel
this is a pic where i used RANDOMIZED COLORS on SYMMETRY TOOLS.
the beach
This is for SHIVALI'S NATURE CONTEST. Hope u like it Shivali!!!!
angel fish
a fish I made by looking at a pic on google images
I love penguins!
liquid raibow light
No description
Dancing Duckies
this is a remix the original wa by Shivali
hidden boxes
a pic made of boxes. can u see them??????
the wave
a weird blue swirl that looks kinda like a wave.
say no to kitkats!!!
Contest Winners
the winners of two of my contests.
this is a huge pool i went to in florida!!!!!
a beatiful dolphin in my own colors!!:) (paint-over)
Batman Outline
This is for Shivali my BFF on SP!!:)
tunnel illusion
A illusion made with the symmetry tool!
fortune cookies rock!
this is an "inside" joke between some of us sumoers.....hehe if u guy know what I mean=)
~you finish contest~
okay heres the story: once upon a time there was a cookie,he was happily sitting in the cookie jar when....BAM! some1 ha...
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