I haven' been here in a while! I don't know if I can really use this site regularly anymore. When I joined I had a newborn and I would draw while I was holding him and he was sleeping on me. Now that baby is a whole year old and doesn't sleep on me so much. He prefers to crawl all around the house and try to destroy things. I hope to be able to come back every now and then, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to. Thanks everyone who favorites or comments, it means a lot to me that some people actually like my silly little pictures. :}
Residence:new york
Age:29 years
Quote:"I think I have too many pictures. :P"
Signed:23.04.2010 18:58
Logged:24.01.2011 18:37
Interests:creating, water, music, writing, abstract, summer, colors, life
Images:148 (public images)
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Midas Flower
for this I used this tutorial:
clockwork moon
I used Demeter's not-a-tutorial to make this picture: Another similar ...
From a Distant Place
No description
beneath the grey
No description
An Exotic Spell
No description
Pink Magic
Oh no, another girly picture! Pink and purple smoke with a touch of glitter. :) Made in photoshop.
what shapes do you see here?
paper crane
photo manipulation from a picture i took at the bronx zoo last week. :)
Red Sunset
No description
Twin Moons
I'm going to explain it a little... I got the idea for this while listening to Jonathan Coulton's Song, &qu...
twelfth planet
No description
Rainbow Smoke 4
Somehow I forgot to upload this one with the others!
starry mobile
No description
Fabulous, Darling!
A photo manipulaton of my daughter. I used a tutorial to make this. :) Tutorial is here: I us...
Moon Children
Another badly drawn picture from me! I used the Dangling Glows brush from Obsidian Dawn. You kids think you're s...
Smoky Portrait: Baby Boy
I used a picture of my youngest son, Gil, and some smoke brushes to build this in photoshop. :)
seeing in color
Well. I was following a tutorial and it turned out ok, I guess. The eye in the tutorial was much better than this. For s...
circling the red star
i guess i'm feeling spacey today...
Cosmic Fishes
Been wanting to draw this for a while. :)
erase the rainbow
i'm finally starting to pick up more tricks. just playing around with some of them here. :)
pop art baby
photo manipulation of my 5 month old son. :)
flower gazing
photo manipulation. this is my almost 2 year old daughter. :)
crystal ball
No description
a fistful of flowers
No description
I think the French word for rainbow is a lot prettier than the English. :)
Gears and Smoke
I used the same method to make the rainbow colored gears as I did in my Rainbow Smoke pictures. :)
I used what I learned in various tutorials over the last couple of days to make this. :) Some brushes I used: Trees...
Spectral Magic
No description
trick of the light
No description
bionic eye
No description
My daughter, 21 months old. photo manipulation
remix of octopus ink
When in doubt, tie dye!
Disclaimer: Cosmicfishes does not endorse tie dying your cat, parents, or annoying sister or brother. Everything else is...
Rainbow Smoke 1
Learning Photoshop :) This is how I did it:
Rainbow Smoke 3
Learning Photoshop :) How I did it:
Cosmic Illusion
Open in full view :) I used a tutorial to make this in photoshop. Tutorial is here:
Messy Art
Look, I can draw badly! :D
Lunar Mists
Since a lot of people seemed to like the background on Moon Children, I decided to upload just the background. I added s...
A Pair of Star-cross'd Lovers
a photo manpulation. original here: I used brushes from obsidian...
Light + Water
Yay rainbows! Another photoshop picture. Used light beams and water brushes from
purpley leaves
playing with brushes
pink bubbles
warning: this picture is not appropriate for people who hate girly things.
little boy blue
a picture i took of my son, Gil, who is turning 4 months old tomorrow.
little green guy
this is my oldest, Guy, and he's two and a half now. this is the last one, i promise :)
digital portrait
No description
tree of knowledge
No description
this is a remix, original by reyghanhope :) i was inspired a little by the song "Over the Rainbow" :)
a new skin
No description
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