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I know I haven't been on very much in the past several months, but I just started a webcomic if anyone is interested in seeing what I'm up to!
Name:Emilie is all you get.
Residence:Wuthering Heights
Age:21 years
Quote:"Usually, if 'everyone is doing it,' it's a bad thing."
Signed:22.04.2010 23:48
Logged:21.04.2012 09:43
Interests:Life, art, old books, justice, etc.
Images:36 (public images)
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Water lilies
Painting I did this summer. Acrylics on canvas.
Pit from Kid Icarus. My entry for Animeandnintendo's contest. Took forever but I'm pretty happy with it!
I love not having a scanner. :c My first OC ever, created for a fanfiction I based off a dream I had. I don't kn...
Chibi Juniper
Made on Sumopaint in one day. A new OC.
Fly Me to the Moon.
Let me play among the stars. First painting done with my new tablet! I used the new, more realistic style I have star...
Myself as a Vocaloid! :3 For Gaaralover289's contest! My hair really isn't this color anymore, but ...
Kitty Cat Doodle
I drew this in English class, took a picture of it, and recreated it in Sumo! :3
Thalia Argyros
Decription: Name: Thalia Argyros Nationality: Greek Hair Color: Pearlescent silver/periwinkle Eye color: Pale blue ...
*COMPLETE* Entry for GaaraLover's contest! Deidara belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.
Ophelia and Hamlet
This was as English project. I hope it's worth bonus points. :D Acrylic on Canvas. Even the "frame." ...
This actually happened at my date on Saturday. We were at a soccer game, and K's team was losing with only a few mi...
Selective reading. It's serious business.
This is what happens when the "I'm an invincible teenager" part of me comes out.
Day and Easter
Two fairies, named for the type of lily they were born from. Easter is only a little fairy. o3o For Horsechick's...
My backstory-less OC, Juniper. Background is meh, legs are weird, and neck is too skinny. :p
The Treat is the Trick
Just a cute little witch I made up for Anna155';s contest and Silvertail's video! Also, if you comment ...
The News
This is the first chapter of my fanfiction, "Dei Dream." Very short first chapter. >.>' The plot c...
Deidara's Eyes
Because why not? Update: Alternate Title: How did this little insignificant doodle get 6 favorites? O.o
Conniving a Dastardly Plot!
This is possibly the greatest thing ever. This is kinda old; it's based off of a photograph of my friend and Travi...
Danny Phantom
Entry for Coffeycakespite's contest. LOL LAZY BACKGROUND THAT I SHOULD PROBABLY MAKE BETTER. I don't own...
Klaus Bertram
*FULLVIEW* Eh, may or may not add a background later. :P Description: Name: Klaus Bertram Nicknames (by my ...
Chibi Julian!
Another OC. Juniper's brother. Tried a different style. Update: Tried another face style also.
Freaking out: One of Emika's many faces.
This picture is out of context, so I'll upload the full picture soon.
On the Run
I suck at perspective. Whatever, practice! :D Here's another really short chapter of Dei Dream! Previous chapt...
Here we have a jealous Klaus, an out of character and amorous Thalia, and a smug Ginjiro! Yes, that is a poor representa...
Not quite happy with this, but I tried. I'm not sure about this new style. :c Another of my OC's, from the ...
It Was 100 Degrees
As we sat beneath a willow tree whose tears didn't care; they just hung in the air and refused to fall, to fall...
You're Not Alone WIP
Painting inspired by the loneliness my best friend is feeling. The female angel (left) represents me, the girl is my fri...
Thalia Dry Erase Fail Doodle
My OC, Thalia, drawn with an expo marker and very little attention to anatomy. Two-three minutes tops. ...I'm go...
Derp face: Check. Unidentifiable bruise on leg: Check. Fuzzy Wisteria seed pod: Check. End result: I'm a derp.
Eternal Sailor Moon WIP
Lineart for xhoneydewx's request.
The me! for Hallbe!
I felt compelled to roll in the grass, which I didn't realize was damp. I made this sad face, had my picture ta...
My Ravenclaw nails for the midnight show tomorrow night! I made the Hogwarts crest by making a decal on a ziplock bag a...
Beware the Ides of March.
Just being festive for today! I stabbed my best friend with an ink pen (gently) when I saw her this morning. :D
Adam Gontier WIP
Lineart for Letmedienow's request. My style doesn't translate well to chibi.
iScribble Dump!
Sadly, I didn't take screenshots of all of my iScribblings. Oh well. I seem to have a thing for drawing on the left...
Drawn on the ArtStudio app for iPad. Anarchy Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. The colors came out a lit...
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